Level 10

1. The stairs led me back into the palace again. I stood on the middle of three landings, though all ways were blocked. A pressure plate on the lower level opened the two gates leading east and west. I decided to explore to the west first.

2. I ran across another pressure plate, which opened a gate far to the west, and ran on.

3. I had discovered the exit door already. At least so I supposed. But a guard prevented me from searching for a way to get it open.

With the usual bravado, he insulted, then attacked me. I steadily forced him backward until he was pinned against the far wall. I attacked vigorously until he slid in slow motion down the wall and ended up in a contorted sitting position.

I searched for a way to open the doorway, but could only see a pressure plate high out of reach. I ran back to the east.

2. I ran through the hallway without incident.

1. This time I tried the eastern route hoping to find a way to get to the upper level.

4. I ran through the eastern gate and saw a guard ahead of me. But I also felt a floor stone wiggle beneath my feet so I dared not stop. I ran past the loose stone almost up to the guard and drawing my sword quickly launched into a furious attack. I drove him backward as he tried to drive me into the chasm behind me. But he was I mediocre fighter and though he scored once or twice on me, I sent him to meet his maker.

5. 1 ran to the east and came to a gate which opened as I passed over a pressure plate. I stopped a moment and heard the sounds of humming - out of key I might add - from above me. Apparently someone was up there and didn't suspect that his enemy was near.

I sneaked very quietly through the gate and climbed up a couple of landings. As I topped the second level, I spotted him. His back was to me and he still hummed his sour tune. I got to my feet and drew my sword as he turned in surprise. I was quicker than he, and was able to get in two good blows before he could react. Then I pressed the attack and soon had completed his destruction.

4. As I ran back to the west, I stepped on two pressure plates and passed a healing potion. I ran through the gate.

1. I was back in the room where I had started, but I now saw that the upper gate to he west was open. I didn't top running, but vaulted down to the level below and then climbed up to the western balcony. I ran through the gate as it began to close.

2. Another guard confronted me, but I was in no mood to be trifled with. I don't remember what he said to me, but it on increased my desire to see the end of him. I forced him backward, parrying his blows, and eventually did him in.

A gate confronted me to the west, but I could find no pressure plate to open it. I soon noticed a slightly raised stone in the ceiling just east of the gate. I stood near it, facing east, and jumped. A loose stone fell from the ceiling as I stepped out of its way. I walked back and jumped, just touching the pressure plate above. The gate opened and I continued my passage west.

3. I was on the upper path in the room with the exit door. I ran quickly across the loor It was fortunate I did not stop when I entered the room, for part of the floor fell away as I passed. At the end of the passage was a pressure plate, and when I stepped upon it, the door below opened. I hung off the ledge and dropped, landing next to the body of the guard I had previously killed. I repressed all thoughts of remorse and ran for the stairs, leaving this part of the palace behind. I must be close to the Princess now. I could feel it.

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