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Prince of Persia 2 Level Editors

Below you will find a list of different Prince of Persia 2 level editors. If you have made your own levels or mod, you can submit it to the Prince of Persia Mods Forum.

1. Pr2LevEd (David's PoP2 Level Editor)

The followig information are written by David:

Level 1 (rooftops): has a lot of unlinked rooms that contain walls/floors.
Level 2 (beach/island/desert): the rooms 9-21 contain some rooms from the level 10 of PoP1. Weird, isn't it?
Level 3 (caverns 1): all 32 rooms are linked. Btw. it's the only level that has a "hole" in it.
Level 4 (caverns 2): room 8 is linked, but it is not possible to go there. Room 30 is unlinked, but contains a wallspike and two walls.
Level 5 (caverns 3): room 24 is linked, but it is not possible to go there.
Level 6 (ruins 1): room 24, 15, 14 and 10 are unnecessary, because in the ruins level, if the up link is zero, the room above is considered empty. (unlike PoP1)
Level 7 (ruins 2): all 32 rooms are linked.
Level 8, 9 (ruins 3, 4): all unlinked rooms are empty.
Level 10 (temple 1): all 32 rooms are linked. You can go to room 26 in shadow mode.
Level 11 (temple 2): Look at room 30. Is this the place where the guards come from?
Level 12 (temple 3): the unlinked rooms contain parts from the previous level.
Level 13 (temple 4): some unlinked rooms contain walls/floors. You can go to room 8 in shadow mode.
Level 14 (Jaffar): room 10 contains a guard. Why? The unlinked rooms contain parts of level 1.
And in PoP1, I think the unlinked rooms contain some rooms from cut levels.
I've made a manual for the editor, and now you can modify the type of each level.
I've made a new version with a better guard editor. The previous guard editor was more like a hex editor.


Download: Pr2LevEd.zip (2007 March 25, 502 KB)

2. RoomShaker II

RoomShaker II is a very powerful tool for creating levels for Prince of Persia 2 PC. With RoomShaker II you can add/move/remove the rooms of the levels as well as change the internal layout of each room including the guards, guard skill, direction he faces and hit-points. You can move the Player starting position, edit links between pressure plates and gates, And much more...

RoomShaker II includes many tools to help you edit your levels more quickly including:
Multiple Tile Selection,
Left / Right / Above / Below Room-Link Indicators,
Adaptable tools and tilesets,
Tile / Modifier Hotkeys,
Automatic Loose-Room Cleanup,
Full Level-Error checking,
Single level (PLV) import / export,
Ability To Run Prince of Persia 2 with level skipping,
Full Online Help,
And more...

RoomShaker II RoomShaker II RoomShaker II

Downloads: RS2_Rel4.zip (Release 4, 2.45 MB), RS2_Rel2.zip (Release 2, 1.86 MB), RS2_Rel1.zip (Release 1, 1.81 MB)

3. apoplexy

apoplexy is a level editor of Prince of Persia 1 (for DOS and SNES) and 2 (for DOS). This program is free software: you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by the Free Software Foundation, either version 3 of the License, or (at your option) any later version. Created by Norbert de Jonge.

apoplexy - PoP2

Downloads: Windows version (latest, 3.8 version): apoplexy-3.8-win32.zip, GNU/Linux version (latest, 3.8 version): apoplexy-3.8.tar.gz