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2021-02-18 Check out Prince of Persia 2.5: The Crystal Castle - a fan made sequel to the original DOS 1989 and 1993 games in which you can continue playing as the heroic Prince of Persia, scaling towering height, avoiding traps, and finally come to terms with the Prince's most challenging adversary yet!

2021-02-18 A new mod for Prince of Persia 3D to fix combat has been released. Click here.

2021-01-30 Added Prince of Persia 1 and 2 (DOS and Macintosh) CD Collection. Thanks to ThunderStorM. Click here.

2020-11-12 Updated Prince of Persia 1 BK-11M page. Click here.

2020-07-25 Added a new download link for Arabian Nights Italian PC version (thanks to ThunderStorM).

2020-07-25 Added ThunderStorM's video tutorial for playing PoP 1 and 2 Macintosh on Windows. Click here.

2020-07-25 Added high quality PoP 1 and PoP 2 Macintosh complete gameplays by ThunderStorM.

2020-07-25 Added a new update file with speed fix for PoP 1 and 2 PSP DOSBox (thanks to ThunderStorM). Click here.

2020-07-25 Created a new page for Prince of Persia 2 Level Editors. Click here.

2020-07-25 Updated download links for RoomShaker, RoomShaker II, Pr1SnesLevEd, Pr2LevEd, apoplexy, and leapop level editors.

2020-06-21 Added Prince of Persia 3D Brazilian Portuguese version. Thanks to Andre C. Campos. Click here.