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Prince of Persia Special Edition (Flash Mini Game)

PRince of Persia Special Logo

The treacherous Vizier has overthrown the Sultan and seized control of the most feared magic ever known, the Sands of Time. It is said that no army can withstand its corruptive powers...

In eight short minutes, the Vizier's bid for limitless power will be complete. Only one soul has the courage and speed to stop him ... the Prince. Yet little does the Prince know of the wicked defenses set in place to dash his desperate crusade...


You have 8 minutes to navigate the dungeon to the Vizier's throne room and stop him from unleashing the Sands of Time!

Use the arrow keys on your keyboard to move the Prince in all directions. Use the Shift key to grab onto ledges and pick up items, and hold SHIFT while pressing the arrow keys to walk. Walking allows the prince to stand more closely on edges and pass through spikes. If you are having difficulty performing the Standing Forward Jump (UP+Left or Right arrow key), you may use the space bar to perform this move.

When in Combat mode, the left and right arrow keys will move the Prince towards or away from the enemy. Pressing up will allow you to parry an incoming attack, and pressing down will allow you to put your sword away in case you need to escape.

Play the game

The game is down on the official websites.

Alternatively, you can play it from here: http://www.princeofpersia1.com/.

A hacked version (by Ankilla) can be found here: http://www.hackedarcadegames.com/game/2927/Prince-of-Persia.html. 1) Life potion increased from 3 to 9999999999 2) All enemies have life potion 1 one strike will kill them 3) Gates will be opened for maximum time, you don't need to be hurry 4) Sword is available from beginning no need to search for that.

Graphics/Music Sprites

POP Special Edition (aka Flash Mini Game) is based on the Mac version of Prince of Persia 1. The game is a flash remake of it, one level though. Using SWF Extractor, I've extracted the graphics and the music sprites from it and packed them into one file. You can make your own gif animations.

Prince of Persia Prince of Persia Prince of Persia Prince of Persia Image

Large Frames; Also, you can extract from the game, after converting swf to gif (using Magic Swf2Gif), some of the frames and edit them, i.e.: (Click to enlarge)

Prince of Persia

Prince's PoP 1-Mac sprite sheet

Click on the image to get the full size:

Prince PoP 1 Mac sprite sheet

Decompiling the game (Source)

You can also decompile the game using Flare. Also, you can change some parameters quite easily using flasm. You can set the number of starting hit points (it's only displayed if it's at most 5), the time available, whether you possess the sword at the beginning and some others.

Complete Map

The map has been made by Will Mallia and released on popuw.com.

This is the complete map of PoP Special Edition (3999 x 717 | 170 kB | PNG).

PoP Special Edition Map


Map to the sword's path

PoP Flash Mini Edition Map

Note that there is a loose floor in the third room.


How do you get the freaking sword? I got to the sword and picked it up but I can't jump back across!

The sword is located on the far right. Walk to the edge, then press space and hold down shift. After the prince caught the other edge, press up.

Is there any way to edit levels in that SWF game?

I can't find how the level data is stored (it isn't in the traditional .plv format, not even after uncompressing the .swf). Perhaps they've used some frames and put elements as objects on it, as suggested by the quite large number of hittest() calls in the source. In this case, changing the level is a nontrivial task. However, you can change some parameters quite easily using flasm. You can set the number of starting hit points (it's only displayed if it's at most 5), the time available, whether you possess the sword at the beginning and some others. :)

This game has been posted into many pages, such as here: http://www.princeofpersia.ovh.org/online/online.html. How can I make sure I've uploaded all necessary files?

That page misses some of the music, since they were stored in other files referenced by the main file.
Here are all the files (for me, the base url was different, but it is probably the same for the others):
Music_Title.swf (strange, it gives me a 404)
(also /cgi-bin/PrinceDBread.cgi and /cgi-bin/PrinceDBwrite.cgi, but they can't be downloaded)
(I haven't checked that these .swf's include others, so there might be even more :))

To play this game offline, download all the files and place them in a directory... Easy...


David has made a score saving system, so if you play the game here: http://www.freeweb.hu/princepersia/en/speced.htm you can submit your time!

I've also found a hidden Credits screen in the game. If you want to see it, go to "How to play", then click with the right mouse button, and click Play.

If you press Play at the start of the level, you will be transported to the next room on the left, keep doing it and you will see strange things (guard solely striking, etc.). You can also change your position and press again Play to be transported correctly...

The Most Accurate Review for PoP: Special Edition (Flash)

-By scarletspider


I don't normally write things like this, but after playing this game, I just can't get it out of my head. The anger I have manifested for this abomination is off the charts, it is literally indescribable. But, as calmly as I can, let me express my feelings towards this piece of... of... you see? This game is even lower than shit, dirt even! But, enough of that, let's move on.

As I sat at my computer, surfing the internet as usual, I found a flash game that I had never heard of before: Prince of Persia: Special Edition. I never really heard of the first Prince of Persia flash game before, but hey, how bad could it have been, right? Oh, it got bad alright, it got ba-a-a-a-a-ad. As I started to play the game, I noticed that the controls were very sloppy, and very delayed I might add. I kept falling down the pits and dying on the spikes on account of the sloppy running. I literally had to stop for a single second for the fucking prince to stop so I could jump. That's another thing; why does the jump always take such a long time to be ready? Half the time when I thought I stopped running I would jump, but then I'd perform a running jump, which I didn't want. So anyways, I fell victim to that fucking poison you see instead of the health. That's really nice, take the player's health away early. And that's another thing; why do you have such a small life bar? If you get hit three times, you're dead. So anyways, I collected both vials or urns or whatever the fuck those things are, and I ended up with one of my life units gone. What's the point of having a life bar when the game tricks you into losing units of it? So, before I found out you have to run around a little bit and find the sword to defend yourself, I progressed through the game unarmed. I got killed by countless guards, plus that fuckhead Vizier you have to beat kept handing me my ass. And here's my last gripe; why the fuck are the booby traps so hard? They kill you in one hit, so what the fuck is the point of having a life bar when everything kills you? Literally, EVERYTHING kills you; guards, traps, high heights, everything! What was the maker of this game thinking? Was he trying to play a big joke on unsuspecting gamers like me by giving me a game you can't even beat? Whew, I better calm down before I break my monitor, so thanks for listening to my gripes, and good fucking night.

I FINALLY finished it, just to find out what shitty ending it had, so now i don't even want to look at it anymore, i'd rather waste my time sharing with you people my pain towards this compilation of aggravations.

Prince of Persia - Special Edition SWF on PSP

The Prince of Persia - Special Edition SWF flash game can be played on a PSP through internet and offline. Either go to following address on PSP browser:


For info on how to do this look here:


Or save it to common folder on PSP and open web browser, go to File:/psp/common/prince.swf to play. It runs slowly, almost frame by frame, some graphics are yellow instead of regular, and since the PSP control pad acts like arrow keys and the control stick acts like a mouse with the X button as the left mouse button, it is possible to play. However, with the framerate problems, and most importantly the fact that you can't use the shift button to grap ledges or pick up swords, makes it unplayable. If we can change the controls from shift to the left mouse button, we can play like this:

control pad = arrow keys
control stick = mouse
X button = shift
so all you would need to do is put the mouse on the flash game, and click and sometimes hold the X button. Then we could play it.

The framerate is another thing. If we can somehow make the memory size smaller, it will play just fine.

The reason for this is so we don't need to use it has homebrew and can use it on a regular PSP.