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Prince of Persia 1 Saved Game Editors

POPTRAIN aka DCE Prince Of Persia Savegame Editor

POP saved game editor; you can choose:

- How many minutes do you want from 1 to 255.
- In which level do you want to start from 1 to 12.
- How many Energy-Bars do you want from 1 to 255.



Download: download.html (included in PoP 1.0 prince.zip file 352 KB)

Standalone downloads: PoPTrain.zip


Another Prince of Persia saved game editor called PRINCED. It was coded by Arun Bhalla in 1993.


Download: princed1.zip

Save Editor (aka SaveEdit)

Another PoP saved game editor called SaveEdit made in 2002 by Piotr Kochanek. (In Polish language).



Download: SAVEEDIT.zip

CHEAT (aka Prince of Persia, savefile cheater)

Another saved game editor for PoP1, called: Prince of Persia, savefile cheater. (By the way, if you set the Level to 0 and load your saved game by pressing CTRL-L in the main menu, it will re-load the main menu screen...).


Prince of Persia, savefile cheater

Download: CHEAT.zip


Another POP Saved game editor, made by Enrique Calot.

Download: http://www.princed.org/downloads/


POPSGE: Prince of Persia Saved Game Editor. First graphical saved game editor made by Yorick (Topic).



Usage: It's fairly easy to use, you can build a saved game from scratch or just edit your own saved game.

To open go to "file ->open", go to your POP1 directory and open PRINCE.SAV. *** You can change the level, the number of lives (it's called hit points) and the remaining minutes and seconds. To save it again go to "File -> save".
Note: if you're starting from scratch start by ***

To run this version of POPSGE you need the .NET framework.

Download: popsge.zip

CAGE Save Game Editor

Prince of Persia v1.3 Save Editor (Level/Energy/Time) by Inferno [CAGE].



Download: PoPSGE-1.3.zip


savof is a tool that allows you to create, view and modify Prince of Persia for DOS save (PRINCE.SAV) and hall of fame (PRINCE.HOF) files. Created by Norbert de Jonge.




For Windows: savof-0.9-win64.zip

For GNU/Linux: savof-0.9.tar.gz

.sav specifications

Here's the first POP Saved game editor, actually it's the .sav specifications file for a generic editor (by Jack Hwang 1992).

#! GameDirector V. 1.1 or later
# JUDGE definitions for Prince of Persia
# This editor is used on prince.sav file.

module "Prince of Persia Editor" {
desc "JUDGE definitons for Prince of Persia"
desc "1992, Jack Hwang"
absolute "Game Data" {
desc "This record allows changes on time, life points, and level."
field "Time" {
desc "The number of minutes remained for finishing"
desc "the game. Range: 1 - 59."
data 0 2 uword
entry 2 10 2 25 2 dec
field "Level" {
desc "The level where the game is saved. (1 - 12)"
desc " "
desc "This is a tricky field. You should avoid changing"
desc "the value here. Just change life points and time"
desc "to survive the game."
data 4 2 uword
entry 3 10 3 25 2 dec
field "Life points" {
desc "The number of life points left. (1 - 20)"
data 6 2 uword
entry 4 10 4 25 2 dec

You can also get the file from here: princed.def

Format of savegames (PRINCE.SAV) .sav specifications

Written by Tammo Jan Dijkema and Rob. Plus, there's a piece of JavaScript that calculates from a code the data about the game you saved in (only fill in the hexadecimal numbers in PRINCE.SAV).

Page: http://www.tammo80.nl/prince/savegames.html.