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Prince of Persia 1 for Sega Master System

© 1989-1992 Jordan Mechner / Broderbund Software Inc. / Victor Musical Industries, Inc.


Level .... Password
01 .... AAAAAA
02 .... DHKFCL
03 .... FIIHDP
04 .... KMJLHH
05 .... MNIMIL
6a .... JIMIEZ
6b .... MKOKGK
07 .... MJMJFF
08 .... KGGGCO
11 .... QIJLGI
12 .... TKIOIR
Jaffar .... PHEJEX
Princess .... PDCICO
End Fight .... ODFICQ



PoP1 - SMS manual

Download: pop1_sms_manual.pdf

PoP 1 - SMS password generator


This will give you 26 passwords, all of them are valid and all mean the same.

Topic on forums: http://popuw.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=2488


Prince of Persia 1 Sega Master System Maps


All maps have been made by Maxim and released on popuw.com.

Download: pop1_sms_maps.zip (642 KB).


Prince of Persia 1 Sega Master System/Game Gear Sprites. Made by Yawackhary.

Click on the image to get the full size:

Prince of Persia 1 SMS GG Sprites

PoP 1 SMS version: Tips, tricks, secrets, facts

The only downside is, that the movement sucks bad.

The princess in the scene has blond hair, while the princess in level 14 has red hair!

This version has some unique features:

The colors of the potions are different from the DOS version:

Blue=good, red=bad, green=life, pink=feather fall.

There are no skeletons, except the one that wakes up on level 3.

Some big (here: green) potions were removed.

The shadow looks the exactly same as the prince (maybe it's the mirror image instead of shadow).

On level 5 the shadow won't come.

On level 7 and 9 there are super-shortcuts.

Some guards were removed.

The chompers stop while you are fighting with a guard.

On level 10, the button of the level door is on the right edge of the level.

On level 12, the shadow (he looks like the prince) has no hit points, and if you hit him, both of you will die.

Upon reuniting with the shadow, you have to jump (not run), and the tiles will appear.

And about the feather fall potion, you see, that the prince is falling as fast as if he would never drunk it, but, he doesn't take damage, if he falls.

Oh, there are some things with the spikes, too, that bothers me: You can make short runs through them, but, unlike the DOS version, if you're standing so, that the spikes are optical touching you and run, you'll die. That was bothering me really!

Another strange thing with the spikes: you can't deactivate them by dropping a loose floor onto them.

Then, I have to say something about the sucking movements: If the prince makes a short run, he runs as much, as if he would tiptoe. Some jumps in level 12a) bothered me, since the prince didn't do them and fell off the edge.

And in level 3, the jump in the room over the start, I either jumped too early or too late and both ended up with death, since I had to GRAB the ledge! It was only three tiles wide.

Then, the fighting mode: It was the most ridiculous thing, I ever saw in that game! Just walk upon the opponent and press the slash button rapidly and he'll die. of course, that won't do with the skeleton, since it has infinite energy. So, you have to get some slashes from him to force it over the edge.

And look into the room in level 12a), where in the DOS version the pile of bones laid. There's a healing potion! Why the heck did they put a healing potion in here!? You don't even need it, since every jump could lead you only to doom, not to injuries!

Then, I hate the screen change, especially in level 12a), if you fall to your doom. You need almost forever, until you touch the ground! Oh, where we are already at topic death by falling: Did you noticed, that the prince dies, when he fell a 3 storey or larger drop as if a guard has struck him down? Sure, in the Genesis version, it's equal, but, hey! We're talking about the SMS/GG-version!

What did I not mention...? Oh, yes! The gravity! It sucks so BAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAD! You see, you're jumping through the air and, if you didn't catch ground under your feet, yet, you stop in the air and then fall straight down.

I can count up much in things bad, can't I? But, that wasn't enough! Let's talk about loose ceiling tiles. You hit them and they'll come down. Sure. BUT!!! You don't have time to dodge the ceiling. Isn't it bothering? Especially, when you know, that you can run over the loose floor tiles without falling down. Are they more broken from above or below?

Some more bugs related to loose floors:

1. If there is no floor on the right side of a loose floor, the right side of the loose floor isn't drawn.

2. If you climb up, the loose floors of the floor you climbed up to are shaking.

Btw. did you notice that there are no debris tiles in this game? (only if you drop a loose floor)

Oh and look in the intro: You see the princess's room. Sure. And you see her, watching out of a window, THAT DOESN'T EVEN APPEAR IN THIS SCREEN!!! And in the DOS-version, the princess will only turn around, when Jaffar comes in. So, look to the right. What do you see? JAFFAR!!! And then, there comes something, that sucks bad: Jaffar moves a few steps, the princess turns around, Jaffar steps on the carpet, stretches out his hands, the princess moves a step back and then... Jaffar just makes the hourglass and goes out. As if he only wanted to create the hourglass. Notice, that the graphics in this room are the best of the whole game? That's the only good thing.

Look at the "lattice" in the palace environment. It doesn't look like the one in the princess's room. And in the environment, they even forgot the decoration (the blue one at the wall in the DOS-version)!!! But in the princess's room, it is.

In level 14, there's no winning room. There's just a stupid room with nothing but the princess. The prince runs from self to her and makes the roundhouse hug from the SNES version. But with no kiss, no mouse and no tight hug.

Try to get out of time. You'll just see the message "OUT OF TIME" and the hourglass, WHERE THE SAND STILL DRAINS OUT! And the sand will NEVER be gone! How unrealistic this game actually IS?!?!

Did you noticed, that there are no princess scenes throughout the game?

After you defeat Jaffar, the door won't open automatically. For that, you have to run to the very edge of the tower and could run danger, that you fall off the edge.

Always, if you start a level, you get that stupid presentation noise to hear. You'll get sick of it!

Get caught by a chomper. A chomper cuts you normally in half. This one not. Reason: It's no chomper. It's just some silly "I-hold-you-at-the-place-you-are"-machine. Maybe, you don't understand what I mean. I even don't understand it really. But it is so. Maybe they didn't want to put blood in the game. (like in the SNES version.)

Did you also noticed how brick stupid these guards are? Let's take an example in level 2. You run over the loose tiles. Now you can fall in the hole and quickly climb up, again. The guard will follow you and falls into the hole. With this, you don't even need to fight him!

One more thing about the guards: In neutral mode, you only need to touch the sword - only TOUCHING it - and you'll die. Strange, huh?

And the fight against Jaffar: You won't draw your sword automatically, so you have to draw it with the action button. You can get very close to Jaffar without him attacking you, but not without weapon drawn, because of the reason above.

One more thing: this game has a "torch without floor" tile, which also appears in the SNES version.

(SNES level 1, in the room where the sword is,
SNES level 3, in the skeleton room,
SNES level 9, two rooms,
SNES level 17, in the two leftmost rooms)

I noticed something else with the loose floors, what comes in handy in Level 12a): Mostly, you get hold of a loose floor tile (you grab on it). But it shakes only, if you climb up. So, if you climb up, right away jump off it (standing jump), or else, you'll go down.

To the graphics: Yes, there are sprites from the DOS-version. Looking apart from, that the prince is dark-haired and has shoes...


The other graphics are nice, too. It's only the control, that sucks. I'm for burning it. Does someone else wants to join me?

lemsop - PoP 1 Sega Master System level editor


Released by Norbert de Jonge, lemsop is a level editor of Prince of Persia for the Sega Master System.

Official website: https://www.norbertdejonge.nl/lemsop/

Download (Version 0.7a released on 17 October 2019):

For Windows: lemsop-0.7a-win32.zip (9.1 MB)
For GNU/Linux: lemsop-0.7a.tar.gz (784 KB)

Play PoP 1 Sega Master System Online

PoP 1 SMS Online on Nep­tunJS (JavaScript) Emulator: http://www.retrogames.cz/play_102-SegaMS.php.
PoP 1 SMS Online on JavaGear (Java) Emulator: http://www.retrogames.cz/play_102-SegaMS.php?emulator=java

Sega CD

The Sega Mega-CD (メガCD, Mega Shī Dī) is an add-on device for the Sega Mega Drive released in Europe, Australia, New Zealand and Japan. The Genesis add-on for the North American market was called Sega CD. The device allowed the user to play games, audio CDs, and CD+G discs.



On the SEGA CD version the hardest guard is not the first of level 8(that's the second!) but a guard who is standing where Jaffar should be. Jaffar appears before you rescue the Princess (in this version). These guards are so hard to beat because they use the same technique as you do!

Download Sega CD Rom

Here are the Sega CD bios files. No Sega CD game will run without the bios files. Downloads:


BIOS for SEGA CD - necessary for starting CDs from SEGA CD. In principle, both archives are identical, and contain 3 files for 3 zones (Europe, USA and Japan), but the first seems newer. Installation: unzip one of the archives in the folder with the emulator and in the settings set the path to these files. You can play this version using the emulators Gens or Fusion 3.51. I've only uploaded the bios files because these are harder to come by.

Downloads (you will find different versions e.g. E, J, U ...)


Regarding the Sega CD version of PoP1: The actual game is 2MB in size but you can't play it without the music tracks which have to be present besides the ISO image so it ends up being 40 MB in size (or greater). All these files will be uploaded later.

PoP1 Maps - Sega CD version

All maps have been made by Will Mallia and released on popuw.com.


Download: pop1_segacd_maps.zip (1.68 MB).

Prince of Persia 1 Sega CD soundtracks

Track 1: Dungeon levels

Track 2: Palace levels

Track 3: Fighting the skeleton

Track 4: Fighting guards

Track 5: Dead

Track 6: Killed by enemy

Track 7: Track

Track 8: Slaughtered the enemy

Track 9: Exit the level

Track 10: Death to the enemy

Track 11: Seqeunce 1 Jaffar's Plot

Track 12: Sequence 2 Captured

Track 13: Sequence 3 Princess' quarters

Track 14: Sequence 4 Confronting Jaffar

Track 15: Sequence 5 It's all over now

Track 16: Main Menu

Download: POP_SEGA_CD_Sound_Tracks.zip (19.4 MB)

Prince of Persia 1 Sega CD VIDEO

This is the attract mode (intro sequence) for the Sega-CD game Prince of Persia.

Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=idwHgWXWNlM