Arabian Nights

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Episode 1

 Melissa's Letter

Episode 2

The Sacred Tombs

Episode 3

 Mysteries at the Palace

Episode 4

 The City of Akhaba

Episode 5

The Black Moon Sect

Episode 6

The Magic Cave

Episode 7

The Great Fortress

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Episode 1: Melissa’s Letter

The beginning of Episode 1 consists of a training level  where you will be explained of how to use the control buttons and how to apply your skills. To proceed with the messages press left or right. You already own the red Ring with a first Jewel, and Ali’s Inventory starts off with 3 Phials of Life, 1 Phial of Magic, 1 Knife, 1 Bomb and 50 Gold Coins.

The Cemetery

First turn left and smash a Jar in the corner containing a Bomb. Walk forward to climb the stairs and go further. There are 3 compounds of graves which you should first explore. In the graveyard to the right you’ll find 4 Gold Coins and in the left one is a Large Rat that you must learn to defeat. A kick with the leg will work fine. Take the Knife.

The Rat and the Knife

In the middle compound an Owl is sitting on a tombstone that will fly away when you approach. Kick at the tombstone.

Break the tombstone

You'll obtain the second Jewel for the red Ring, the "Jewel-Fireball” whose Magic will allow you to aim and launch a deadly Fireball at an enemy from a safe distance.

Your first Magic! 

In the dead end to your right another Rat is eating a Bread. Kill the Rat and take the Bread. Eat it for a smaller shot of life energy (left corner icon). To eat: select the Bread in your inventory and press enter.

Turn around and proceed till the door. Press action and enter, turn left. In the alley you’ll see a silhouette of Melissa in a cinematic sequence saying “don’t be afraid, come closer”. But it’s a trap. The impostor drops her cloak and unveils a fierce female warrior! A Hunchback and a legless Beggar on a sort of wheelchair are on their way from down the alley to join her in what is to become Ali’s first challenge in combat!

Prepare for combat

Draw your Sword at once and attack the woman. Keep turning to the left for she’ll make these unforeseen side jumps. When the other two goons arrive sprint away (push forward twice), turn around and beat the first one that arrives. You won’t make it against two or three together, you’ll have to fight them separately. Keep repeating these tactics until all three of them are sent to hell. You will be rewarded with a pouch containing 15 Gold Coins, a Knife and more shattered Gold coins.

If you prefer to avoid this battle by all means jump over the woman and run till the end of the alley while jumping past these two Beggars that are coming your way. Turn left and jump up to the ledge under the window. Pull up and you’ll be safe here. You may then treat them on a well-aimed Bomb when they all gather down below your feet.

Descend and collect their goodies. Take a little time to explore the alley now. Notice a pair of locked doors further away on the same side. Facing the ledge is a small Crypt with a hidden Phial of Life.  Go for it, jump back under the window and smash that pretty stained glass so Ali may intrude the building.

Ali stands up high


Inside the building

Once you’ve jumped down in the first Room you’ll hear some shouting and rhythmic beating. That’s those same three guys again in the Alley – the Woman, the Hunchback and the limbless Freak – who are trying to break down that pair of doors giving access to the next room. Whether you had beaten them or not, they’re just there. You may avoid them once again though. Without more ado run to the second Room and notice a moveable block by the left wall. Push it in front of the door they’re ramming and they won’t come in. But you’ve got to be fast!

Blocking the door

Now go back into the first room. Opposite to the window you came in is another block. Move it sideward and you’ll find a Key to the wooden box in the left corner. Acquire 20 gold coins! Later on, you will need these coins badly!

The corner box

In between the two Rooms there is an Antechamber with a couple of locked doors and a small open Room on the side. Enter and drink from the Fountain of Life. Later you’ll find similar Fountains throughout the game which will show you a glimpse of a Princess. Now your Health is fully restored.

The magic Water

Return to the Room with the two statues and grab the Phial of Magic in the box behind the Altar.

A Phial of Magic

Face the Altar and read a sentence in pidgin Latin:


(The two armored arms lead into the sky)

So touch each of the armored arms of the statues and the doors in the Antechamber open up. Inside you’ll see a rope leading into the sky!

The room with the rope


Climbing the Rope

Before you climb the rope, look around. You'll see a Jar standing in one of the corners. Smash it to get another loaf of Bread. Now stand in front of the rope and press action. You’ll grab the rope ad may now climb up or down and turn left or right by means of the arrow buttons. Climb up and suddenly a view from above will show a Gnome who is trying to cut the rope. When you pass the second floor, turn left or right and jump onto the ledge. So, if your right shoulder is facing the ledge: press jump + right.

Getting off the rope in one peace is quite a job

Proceed through the door and cross the bridge. The camera will change view here and you’ll hear Melissa’s calling for Ali. The view will slowly move beneath the bridge and that’s where she is lost...

Hall of Fountains

Stand in front of the tablet in the Antechamber and read the explanation by pressing action. Take notes on the colors of the seven Fountains and their properties. Ali is translating from Arabic:

Red: source of life, potion of eternity

White: blessed light, image of purity

Pink: magic spell, cloud of happiness

Blue: sleepy eyes, voyage towards voluptuousness

Black: plague, misfortune, apocalypse and sickness

Green: fear, tumor, descent into madness

Yellow: fire, heat, burns off body and soul

Face the door and press action to open. Immediately press forward and Ali will land behind a block while an Archer on top in the left corner just misses him. This is your first magic Spell test. Swiftly climb the block and prepare some magic for the red Ring. Aim and blast a Fireball at the Archer... Aim with the mouse while pressing F1 and release for firing. That will blow him off the wall...

Taking care of the Archer

Now you’ll have to come down from block to block till the floor.

Down the blocks

As soon as you’re down a wheelchair Beggar will attack. At least, that’s what he’s shouting all the time. Teach him good manners with some kicks and take his Knife.

There are 7 Fountains spread all over the place. Stand in front of the staircase for orientation first.

Surveying the Hall

To your right you’ll see a locked door between two empty alcoves: that is your exit. In the corner there is a room with a yellow valve that controls the green Fountain. Open it.

Enter the narrow niche to the left of the staircase, climb the grave and work your way further up to the roof of the building in the left corner. On top you’ll recover 3 Knives.

See that yellow valve down there?

From where you’re standing now you can spot the valve of the white Fountain in a niche to the right. Go down and open it. This will reveal a one-eyed Hunchback. Get after him on the other side of the tower of blocks and take 3 Gold Coins and a Knife.

The Beggar
near the white Fountain

Enter the room to the left of the white Fountain alcove and open the valves of the pink and red Fountains. Actually the pink Fountain looks rather lilac to me. In a niche to the left of this valve you’ll find the Key to the door.

The Key in the niche

Go to the room in the opposite corner and open the valves of the yellow and blue Fountains. And finally the valve of the black Fountain is opposite to the blocks.

The valve of the black Fountain

Don’t touch the Fountains for now: you’ll come back here later.

Apply your exit Key to the door and leave this Hall for the time being. Behind the door you’ll find a small graveyard to your left that hides a Bomb. Walk down the passage and open the door. Immediately make a side jump for there’s a sneaky Archer on top of the opposite wall. His arrow will therefore miss Ali so you’ve got sufficient time to jump back and put him to sleep with a well-aimed Knife or a Fireball.

Knife or...

... Fireball

You’ll be entering a splendid Mausoleum Courtyard with a deadly trap (what did you expect...?).

A splendid Courtyard

Run to the central hexagon and immediately jump sideward. Turn around, look up and prepare a Fireball for a second Archer in the middle on top of that wall. You won’t distinguish details well up in the dark but as soon as the Fireball starts glowing you’ll see exactly where to aim at.

The deadly trap

Now the coast is clear to take some time off and  explore this magnificent place. The central hexagon and the two other graveyards by the walls each contain shattered Knives and Gold Coins.

The time is also right to pay a second visit to the Hall of Fountains to restore your Health and Magic. Drink from the red Fountain to fill up your Health and from the pink Fountain to get loaded with Magic. The blue Fountain will reveal a Princess that you’ll have to release in a next Episode. From the warning on the tablet you should have understood that the green, yellow and black Fountains are poisoned and will kill you! Should that happen after all, rapidly drink from the white Fountain (an antidote).

Return to the Courtyard and examine the opposite wall. You’ll notice a sort of dark alcove in the middle between two supporting beams. There is a Jar in the left corner that you may hardly notice. This one contains 4 Knives!

The jar in the left corner

Now survey the left and right walls of the Courtyard from where you’re standing. There is a sealed Mausoleum in the left corner and if you look up you’ll notice a hole in the dome on top. Hmmm…a hole. Against the wall to your right there is a row of 3 other Mausoleums also with a dome on top. The one in the nearby corner is accessible. Go inside and take an empty Phial which is apparently of no use, but perhaps may prove a defensive projectile. Stand on the Tomb, turn to the ledge and jump. Pull up and take 10 Gold Coins, a Phial of Life, a  Phial of Magic and a Knife.

Jump for the goodies

The middle Mausoleum is accessible as well and contains a Phial of Life, but nothing on the ledge. The last Mausoleum is sealed. On its left wall you’ll notice climbable Ivy. Climb it and head for the roof.

An obvious clue, this Ivy

A lesson in balancing

You will have to reach the roof of the opposite Mausoleum with the broken dome by walking the beams. If you bend over to one side, counter-balance by pressing the opposite arrow (left or right).

Some aerobics here

But don’t drop down


The third and final beam is the longest and the trickiest. Jump through the wrecked dome inside the Mausoleum, first on the ledge and then down.

Into the Mausoleum

Push away the sarcofague on the floor. Jump into the Crypt of... Episode 2, where you’ll see a glimpse of Princess Melissa being taken prisoner...

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