Arabian Nights

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 Melissa's Letter

Episode 2

The Sacred Tombs

Episode 3

 Mysteries at the Palace

Episode 4

 The City of Akhaba

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The Black Moon Sect

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The Magic Cave

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The Great Fortress

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Episode 2, The Sacred Tombs





The Crypt

After a cinematic intro where Princess Melissa is taken prisoner Ali jumps down into a subterranean Crypt maze...You should have collected some 15 Knives by now and a sufficient amount of Phials of Life and Magic.

The Crypt is infested with a poisonous species of Priests that are easily defeated all right. But if you don’t notice them fast enough in their dark surroundings they’ll spit deadly venom into your face! This will cause Ali to start coughing and dazzling while he is slowly dying a horrible death. And the only cure is a dram of an Antidote which Phial your Inventory does not carry yet. Now what kind of designer apparently programs such a cruel and vicious game?

Beware of giant Rats and do not fall down in the river of green acid.

Don’t cross this slimy gap for now

In the first Room you’ll meet a Priest behind the corner. Quickly approach and beat or chop off his head and limbs one by one. He may shed some Coins. Should you got poisoned by now, promptly hurry to the secret entrance of the Gong Hall in the second Room (see [*] further down) and proceed until you seize the vital Phial of Antidote in there.

Ali may get poisoned by a Priest

Go left past the open door into a second Room with a Priest and a Rat both hiding behind the corner to your right. Take care of the Priest first, and then hit the Rat. Notice two Tombs in the wall of which one is opened, and a tall moveable block.

Tombs in the wall


 [* proceed from here in case you got poisoned]

Push the tall block aside. Inside the passage a door will slide into the floor.

The secret entrance

The Gong Hall


When you enter the passage you’ll stumble upon the Architect’s Parchment. It reads:

To find the diamonds take care to note the four names on the pillars of the Royal Tomb. You will find their correspondence in the funerary Chambers… Signed Hadji, the Architect.


Ali approaches the Gong Hall with a view from above: a huge Hall full of pillars and a centrally suspended metal Gong. One slave is taking a nap and another one is dusting a pillar… save here. Aim a Knife at the cleaner and try to put him to sleep as well. Well, that won’t work…  one Knife seems insufficient so he’ll run and strike the Gong before you can target again. That will alarm two more slaves entering from both doors. Quickly load. Better prepare a Fireball for that traitor.

One Knife is not enough...

...but a Fireball is!


Jump down and sneak near the sleeper. Make sure he’ll never wake up again. Take his Phial of Antidote and drink it in case Ali is choking to death.

Your Phial of Antidote


Remember that a Gong stroke will attract two slaves from behind the doors. Strike the Gong and prepare for their attack. Fists and feet are fine as long as you keep kicking first and don’t get pushed in a corner. If so, jump over them, run away, turn around and continue. The Sword may work faster: you’ll have to get used to different styles anyhow. When they’re joined with Allah one will leave a Tomb Key behind. Take some time to examine all accessible places.

First study the Altar with four pillars. Would that be the Royal Tomb mentioned by the Architects’ Parchment? But where is the Tomb? Better take care to note the four names on the pillars like it says. Copy the Arabic characters meticulously.

The two doors that were opened by the alarmed slaves give access to the funerary Chambers. It does not matter which door you’ll enter first.


The Moon Chamber

The door to your left (when facing the Altar) leads to a circus with a central beam and a giant fan with razor-sharp blades. Notice 6 Switches arranged over the circular wall, each illustrating a position of the Moon. As soon as Ali jumps down the vent starts spinning and coming down, slicing him eventually into a hamburger! You have a limited time to press the Switches in the right sequence: from new to full Moon.

Jump down and press the Switch to your right, the new Moon position. The correct sequence of the following Switches is:

-          3 left

-          1 left

-          2 right (half Moon)

-          1 right

-          2 right (full Moon)

The fan withdraws


Jump and pull up to the newly opened entrance to the funerary Chamber. There are 6 Tombs stuck in the walls and each can be unlocked with your Key and pulled out. Look up at the names above each Tomb and compare with the four names you wrote down. Pull out two corresponding Tombs to retrieve the diamonds of the Parchment (stand in front of a Tomb and press action). It is considered wise to save first though because a wrong choice of Tomb may result in…well, find out for yourself.

The blue diamond

The green diamond

??? ...Cobras... wrong choice!


The exit is now blocked. To unlock, slide the Tombs back inward and leave for the Gong Hall.


The Carrousel Chamber

The second door leads to the Carrousel of arrows. This is a challenge in aerobics for Ali. As soon as you jump in it will start reversing sense of rotation completely unpredictable while arrows are being launched at you from several openings in the wall. You’ll have to make it safely to the opposite exit. Run till under the opening as fast as you can. Best things to avoid the arrows are side jumps. Not easy with the ever changing sense of rotation. Jump and pull up and enter a second funerary Chamber with 6 Tombs. Notice that little difference? There are four water taps on the central beam. Or…would that be taps for some other kind of liquid? Well, pull out a wrong Tomb and you’ll find out! So better save here and select the correct two Tombs.

The yellow diamond

The red diamond

It’s like the acid from the river...


Slide in the Tombs to unblock the exit and ride the Carrousel once again into the Gong Hall.


The yellow Ring

Place each diamond inside a pillar of the Royal Tomb (stand in front of one and press action). Watch an amazing cut scene of how the pillars light up and sink in the floor while the Royal Tomb rises with a yellow Ring on top!

Revelation of the yellow Ring


Climb the Tomb and the Ring –slowing down is yours! This Ring will allow Ali to considerably slow down his enemies and will get more powerful when new Jewels shall be added. From the Tomb run and jump to the opposite ledge, pull up and return to the Crypt.

Back to the Crypt

Face  the two Tombs in the wall. Push in the Tomb that is sticking out and pull out the other one, otherwise it won’t come out. You’ll find 20 Gold Coins and a Phial of Life in there.



Return to the first Room and jump over the acid river. From the entrance to the next Room you will notice a Rat. Be careful: right behind the corner there’s a Priest in ambush. When you beat him up, you’ll get some Coins. With the Sword you’ll get nothing. Apparently that seems to apply to some of the Priests in this Crypt.

Beat the Gold out of him


Once again, should you get poisoned in this section and you have spend your only Phial of Antidote last time, hurry to the 4th Room (see [*] further) and proceed from here to another level where a new Phial of Antidote will be available.

Kill 3 Rats in a row. There is a Tomb in the corner stuck in the wall. You may unlock it with your Key but there’s nothing to grab. Turn left to the 4th room. Kill the Priest and the Rat.

Turn left and jump over the acid river. Drink from the magic Fountain and watch a cut scene of a dancing Princess. Listen to the story, there’s something wrong with the Grand Vizier.

Another magic Fountain


Cross the river again to the 4th Room.

[* proceed from here in case you got poisoned]

See that chain hanging from the ceiling? Unlock the Tomb and make it a ledge from which you can jump to the chain. Climb out of the Crypt...

Climbing the chain


The U-shaped Graveyard

After a loading of the game you’ll get a view from above. Jump off to the ledge on the second floor and don’t climb further to the third: there’s nothing up there.

Jump off here


Enter the brown door. In a cinematic three Archers get instructions from an imposing Colossus of how to catch Ali.

Ali is sneaking in


Standing in the Alley, don’t move and watch two Archers passing by.  One is hesitating and examines the Graveyard turning his back towards Ali.  Sneak behind him (press crouch twice quickly). Chop off his head with a single stroke and grab his Phial of Antidote and Gold Coins. Jump back into the alley and without delay swallow the Antidote if necessary.

Sneak and strike


The two other Archers are alarmed now. You can kill these guys with a single hit but they move so fast. Watch their arrows. Stay in the alley and wait for the second one to arrive from behind the right corner and surprise him here. This one carries a Phial of Life and more Gold Coins. Chase the last one and silence him.

Go looking for more goodies in this area. First open one of the side doors in this Alley. There are 3 King’s Cobras in a small garden. Wait for the first one to crawl out and treat it on three foot kicks, that prove more efficient than some Sword strokes.

Turn right behind the door. The second Cobra arrives from that corner, finished it off, turn around and let the third one approach. When the Garden is Snake-free take the Knife in the central bush and go smash 3 Jars in the opposite corner alcove: one contains 3 Bombs. Leave the garden and clear the U-shaped Graveyard from Knives and Gold Coins.

Getting more goodies


The second door at the end of the Graveyard’s right side is locked and you’ll need to capture a Key for that. Follow the left side and open the door in the corner.


The Colossus

Princess Melissa is crying in her cell and now is the time to set her free at last!


Meet your first Boss now…the Colossus. There are a few ways to defeat this powerful brute. Jump back and immediately prepare the Magic for the yellow Ring. Aim a white Fireball at the Colossus when he appears and slow him down. Now you have a limited time to beating him up as hard as you can; use either the Sword or fists and feet. You won’t stand a chance against him when he gets fully conscious again: sprint away in the alley and repeat these tactics until he’s caged for good. Or run and finish him off with some Knives.

Different tactics


If you have at least 10 Knives in your pocket there is a much easier way to butcher this guy:

Lure him past the door and let him follow you. Turn around and keep on throwing Knife after Knife until he’s gone. You’ll need 5-7 Knives for that. A Key, a Beggar’s Contract and Gold coins are your award.

50,000 dinars for the death of Ali, 20,000 dinars for the capture of Melissa. Careful: do not contact me at the Palace. I will send you my faithful Abdul. Signed...


Obviously this contract has been written by the vicious Grand Vizier! Enter again and release the Princess. Follow a cut scene. She tells Ali that she was created by the Good Genie and that a Kiss before her marriage should send her back to the Palace.

Go all the way to the other side of the Graveyard and open the 2nd door with your Key.





After a new loading of the game, Ali is finding his way to the heart of the City.


City Gates

Watch out when entering this place. Be prepared for a fight with an Archer and Hunchback in ambush behind the corner to your left. Lure the Hunchback out and jump back, out of reach of the Archer’s arrows. Once you’re done with the Beggar go after the Archer. Take his Coins.

The Archer will stay behind the corner


Explore the place now. There is a Jar on top of a wall which you can reach by pushing a chest against the wall and jumping up from there.

Pushing the chest under the Jar


The Jar contains 4 Knives!  Go down the stairs in a corner and smash a Jar with a Phial of Life. Enter the nearby door and ascend the stairs. Examine the opposite trap bridge and spot two ropes. Aim two Knives and cut each one.

Cutting two ropes


The bridge will lower now. Open the next door. Ali is standing on a staircase leading down to a guarding Post. There is a low pink wall to your right and a Jar stands higher up in the left corner. Climb the walls and smash the Jar for …clean air. However, from here you have a good view. Notice a Guard in front of the gate next to a Bell. Don’t spend any Knives on him from here but rather come down and face him with the Sword. When you’ll approach he will tell you that the Gate to the City is closed for thieves like Ali. These lance Guards are very tough and hard to defeat. Repel his strokes and time your own well. Take some goodies he’ll leave behind.

Facing the Lancer


When he’s sent to eternity smash the three Jars in the corner and grab a Phial of Life. See that alcove on the other side? Smash another Jar in there for a Phial of Magic and go ring the bell (give it a kick). Return to the alcove and hide in the corner where the Jar stood.  Wait for a Guard to descend the stairs; he won’t notice Ali in there and will call for another Guard who will open the Gate from inside.

(Note: if you failed hiding well enough the Guard will notice Ali and won’t call for assistance. In that case you’ll have to defeat him, ring the bell again and hide till a next Guard will arrive from the stairs). Show yourself from in the alcove and these two Guards will approach but won’t climb up. Fling a Bomb and blow them into pieces.

A Bomb for the Guards...


Grab whatever you can, like Bread, Knives and Gold Coins and hurry up to the stairs again. An Archer was alarmed and has appeared on top of the wall above the gate. Avoid his arrows when jumping on the pink wall and hit him with a Knife.

...and a Knife for the Archer


Come down and enter the City. The Gates are open wide...


City by Night

When you enter the Gate immediately jump aside when an Archer fires from a low roof at the far corner of the alley. Jump back and aim a red Fireball to blow him apart.

A City infested with Archers


Turn right and climb the watch-tower. On top you’ll get a Phial of Life. Take some time and enjoy the view. From here you’ll notice a hidden Jar behind the gate you have just entered. Go down and break it (turn toward the ladder and press action).

The first Puzzle piece


This Jar contains your first of 5 Puzzle pieces you’ll have to uncover in this section of the City.

Halfway down the ramp in the alley climb the beam to your right and walk all along the beam to the corner where just blew away the Archer. Jump on the ledge where you’ll find Puzzle piece #2 and two Jars. Break them for a Phial of Magic.

Your second Puzzle piece


Jump back to the beam and watch 3 Guards below coming your way from the other alley. Are they begging for a Bomb?

One Bomb for 3 Guards


Jump down and catch 2 Knives and some Gold Coins. In this alley there’s an Archer on top of a bridge. Blow him off with a red Fireball.

An Archer on the bridge


Walk to the bridge and turn left to smash a Jar at the dead end. There’s a Bomb in there.

Go back to the other side of the bridge and climb the ledge. From here jump to the lower roof to your left and further up till under the Arcade. There is an Archer shooting from a roof above but you can’t spot him. Break a Jar to your right for a Phial of Magic and turn around. Opposite you’ll see a red and white awning and Puzzle piece #3 on a higher roof under some palm trees. Notice another Jar at the end on the bridge.

The awning and Puzzle piece #3


Run and jump to the Awning and immediately turn around and aim a red Fireball at the Archer on top of the opposite building.

One more to go


Jump to the roof with the palm trees and catch your 3rd Puzzle piece.

Come down and return to the ledge under the bridge. Climb up to the bridge and smash that Jar you saw from under the Arcade. This one hides an Apple. From the other end of the bridge jump back to the small roof and return to the Arcade.

Jump to the higher bridge on the other side, and look left. There is an Archer posted on a roof but he won’t notice Ali. Kill him from here. One Knife will do a fine job .

This Archer does not notice Ali


Now it’s time for some rope walking! Ali is experienced now. Cross the first rope and look to the opposite roof where the next Archer is shooting from. A Fireball in his direction is your right option.

36 Look between the leaves


Walk the longer rope to the opposite balcony and smash the Jar. You’ll obtain Jewel-blinding, the second Jewel for the yellow Ring whose Magic will blind your enemy.

Climb the long rope to the Jewel


Turn left of the balcony and jump down to the magic Fountain. You won’t get hurt. Drink from the Fountain and watch Princess Spiruline performing a nice belly dance for entertainment!

Jump to the Fountain and enjoy the movie


Come down to ground level and enter a small room to your left with two Jars inside. Break them and find…more bubbles of air. Turn around and look up to the opposite roof where another king of arrows has appeared.

They keep appearing


Run toward the opposite ramp and turn right. Immediately jump aside to avoid an arrow of the Archer at the end of this alley. Aim and blast a Fireball.

Shoot this Archer...


Run up the second ramp, turn around and quickly shoot the one on top of the dome.

...and this one too


Return to the central place and ascend the arcade in the opposite corner. Follow the stairs up to the ledge and smash the Jar for a Bread. Walk over the top of the arcade to the other side and climb the roof. Jump down to the lower roof where you’ll catch your 4th Puzzle piece.

The 4th Puzzle piece


Jump down and follow the two ramps again till the end of the allay where you can break a Jar containing a Knife. Run up the adjacent stairs and turn around facing the opposite roof. Up on the roof you can spot Puzzle piece #5. Jump to the roof and include your final piece.

The 5th Puzzle piece


The Puzzle of five Pieces

Stand on the corner of this roof and jump to the opposite roof. Climb up and descend the narrow staircases on the other side. Down the third staircase a one-eyed Hunchback Beggar is molesting Ali. Some Kicks will definitely end this kind of bad behavior.

A lesson in good manners


Grab a few Coins and smash a Jar in the corner hiding a Phial of Life. See how nervous Ali is getting here? That is because of the nearby Cobra pit.

Carefully walk to the edge of the snake pit and look down. There is a crate below. Save here because this is going to be a one way trip only!  Jump down on top of the crate and make sure you don’t miss it. Immediately 3 King Cobras will curl below Ali’s feet! Aim a Bomb and shatter their skins all over the pit.

Before... and after the Bomb


Jump down and walk past the corner where you’ll meet two more of these Serpents. Kick them both to kingdom come!

Two more of these fellows


Look at the wall fresco with five missing squares. Those are the Puzzle pieces you collected!

Place each piece in the corresponding hole and respect the correct sequence from left to right:

1, 2, 4, 5, 3.

Finishing the Puzzle


And the Good Genie appears:

Thank you for freeing me my Prince! We shall meet again!

Is that all?!?! No three wishes? No money? No gold? No nothing at all!?!?! What kind of Genie is this???

Follow Ali into... Episode 3.

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