Arabian Nights

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Episode 1

 Melissa's Letter

Episode 2

The Sacred Tombs

Episode 3

 Mysteries at the Palace

Episode 4

 The City of Akhaba

Episode 5

The Black Moon Sect

Episode 6

The Magic Cave

Episode 7

The Great Fortress

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Episode 6, The Magic Cave

The Sewers, Section 1

In this most difficult Episode you will meet a new kind of Guards who throw Knives. Better throw a Knife as well from a distance, while jumping away from theirs. Close by, you’d should kick them rather than using your fine new Sword.

You’re about to enter the sewers of the City, a true labyrinth! The canals are filled with a poisonous green slime that will solve poor Ali in a few seconds should he fall in. You’ve seen that slime before in the Catacombs under the Mosque.

Nice... a labyrinth!!!


When you descend the stairs take care of the Knife Guard to your right by running towards him or throwing a Knife. Find out which tactics will cost you less life energy. Walk left and go behind the corner.

At the far end you will see a Phial of Magic in the green soup. Save and aim your jump. You should end up right on the spot and immediately jump back to the gangway. That will cost you little of life energy, but you’ll have the Phial.

Jump to the block behind the corner and further on to the walkway in front of the door. Enter and pick up the Turban. This will allow Ali to charge his Magic much faster. Now the cage will rise. Kill all of the five Rats and you may leave again. A piece of cake.

There isn’t much further to explain about this first section. Follow the map and take care of all the Guards in your own way. The room down left on the map contains your first Heavy Stone. Large Rats that keep emerging forever guard it. Take the Stone and smash the Jar. Kill Rats that are in your way and get the hell out of that room!

The Puzzle of the Rising Blocks

The exit of section 1 is through a pool of green. See that door on the opposite side? That is where you’re headed. You’ll have to jump from block to block in order to reach the opposite platform. But... what blocks?

In the wall to your right you’ll also notice an opening. You can almost “sense” that there is something to be found there, can’t you? That is where the 4th Heavy Stone is hidden.

The opening in the wall


So that opening is your first goal. Throw the switch and a number of blocks will rise. Jump to the first block in front of you and a block to your left will rise. Now jump back. See what happens? The newly risen block lowers again!

So place a Heavy Stone upon block 1, and jump to the new one. This will make two more blocks rise.

One block puzzle


Place your second Stone here and jump to the smaller new block.  Another block will rise. Jump to it and leave your third Heavy Stone here.

Another block puzzle


A few jumps and some climbing will lead you into the opening where you’ll find the 4th Stone. Return to the block where you placed the 3rd Stone and recover it. So now you have 2 Heavy Stones.

Jump all the way back to the tall block in front of block 1 and leave a Stone there. A new block in need of a Stone will rise. Jump and lay one down. Then go back to the block where you left the 2nd Stone (the one left of block 1) and recover the Stone.

Again, another new block rises that you’ll have to go place that last Stone upon. This is the situation by now:

And the last one


Jump from block to block until you reach the platform in front of the door.

The Sewers, Section 2

Follow the map and take care of the Guards.

Down the sewers again


You may sneak towards a Guard and hit him with your Sword from behind. Then flip backwards, let him approach and strike again on time.

Pick up the Jewel in the green slime. Just like before, save first and aim a jump right on top of the spot and immediately jump back. You will have a Jewel for the yellow Ring that will allow paralyzing your enemy temporarily.

Take care of the four Guards in the room before the exit. You may jump on the gangway, throw a Bomb and jump backwards.

The Search for the Relics

In search for the relics? Well, here's where to find them!


Ali will have to find 8 relics in this section spread all over the place of which a number are in possession of certain Guards. By now you are well experienced in killing them. So go all around but do not enter any Chambers yet.

Tempting, tempting...


There are two Chambers and a Library, which is your exit. When you have gathered all 8 Relics enter the Relic Chamber. Try to lure the three Guards outside the Chamber one by one and take care of them separately.

Go to the second floor and place all of the 8 Relics on the right pedestals where they belong. A Jewel will appear in the central Altar on the 1st floor. Take this 3rd Jewel for your blue Ring. Without this Jewel Ali won’t be able to finish the game!

Now you’re ready for the Guru, the “Grand Dragon” of the Black Moon Sect!

The Guru of the Black Moon Sect

This guy is one hell of a villain, your second toughest adversary after the Master of Arms. The Guru is floating in the air and controls two magic techniques:

-         he is capable of suddenly vanishing and materializing on some other unpredictable location

-         he launches lethal lightings with his magic Ring

Before entering the door to his Chamber get protection by the 3rd Jewel of the blue Ring. Keep on pushing [F3] until the third Icon appears left of the blue Ring. Make sure your inventory is set on “Phial of Magic”, if you have some left.

Now you can enter the door

Strike the Guru with your Sword as much as you can before he disappears. Then run to his new position and start over. When your magic protection has run out, hide behind one of the pillars out of his sight and load new protection.

When he’s eventually sent to Hell, take his goodies and leave the place for the Library. Carefully go up the stairs and eliminate the 3 Guards. Lure one out and fight him with your Sword.

A red Fireball is your best remedy against the two remaining ones. Walk up to the 2nd room of the Library and push in one of the books on the bookshelf. The book in question is somehow strangely colored. Just press action.

Find the strangely colored book and push it


Another bookshelf in the 3rd room will then open up giving access to a secret passage.

The secret passage

The Puzzle of the Switches

In this smaller labyrinth you will have to throw a number of white switches in the right sequence. Start throwing the one in front of you (1).

The switches and the order to throw them...


Go all the way to the end of the passage and throw switch 2. This will open a sliding door giving access to a hidden passage. In order to open the second sliding door throw the switches in the next sequence:

3 – 4 – 1 – 2

Then walk all the way to the end of the new secret passage and throw switch 5. Open the door and jump down.

The Sewers, section 3

There is a Guard behind the corner in front of a Treasure room. Send him to eternal rest, go in and take all of it!

The sewers once more

Proceed to the gangway. The pendulums in front of you have razor sharp blades like in Edgar Allen Poe’s novel. Except, here they all swing in a large row!

Save first. You’ll have keep on moving one by one without getting wounded and take a rest before the next one. Move one step forward when the pendulum has just passed. Save each time. As for the last four or five, you’ll just have to run straightforward, since you will get hurt anyway.

Open the door and follow the passage through a new door into a small room with two doors. Stand before the door in front of you. 2 Guards have posed in the next room. Save here.

Open the door, and find your best way to defeat both of them with minimal losses. To your left is a door to another room loaded with Phials of Life and Magic! The 2nd door gives access to a prison where Ali will have to free Princess Hellebore.

Once done, Ali won’t escape from this section unless he defeats another extremely tough foe: the Executioner of the Princess! Save and enter his quarters through the one door you haven’t opened yet.

You will have to hit him a first time with a well-aimed stroke of your Sword. He’ll fall down. When he makes attempts to standing up strike him again on time. Then when he lies down again slaughter him with one powerful stroke. Not so easy though! Take his Key and enter the last room. Walk in and the magic Teleport will send Ali straight into the City.

A Safe-conduct out of Town

You’re in another unvisited section of the City now.

Back in the city


Go see the Merchant and purchase all the items you will need. Remember: don’t spend it all, so better save before. You will need at least 40 Gold Coins to proceed with the game.

Go to the Obelisk Square and talk to the Guard in front of the grilled exit door. Ali will request to leave Town. The Guard replies that Ali will need a Safe-conduct out of Town only to be obtained from Captain Barbahk in the Military Quarters.

Moreover, Ali won’t be allowed leaving on foot due to the dangers of the desert. He will need to ride a Camelback! So go visit the Renter of Camels. Follow the narrow alley between the garden walls and read the poster. Before going into the Camel Arena on the left check the gardens on both sides.

Jump on the walls and observe the area. Jump down but be aware of predators! There are plenty of goodies to be found. Go to the Camel Rental and talk with the owner. He’s a real slime. He would charge you 5,000 Gold Coins for his last Camel. And you own far from that amount of Coins.

Go try to sit on the Camel. He’ll throw Ali off! Return to the Obelisk Square and see the Guide. After the usual fee he’ll tell you the history of the place and he will also point out that you’re his 999th customer. That’s funny! Usually a 1,000th customer gets a Bonus!

So pay him again, and now he’ll tell you that you’re his 1,000th customer and you will obtain a special Reward: a free Camel Rental Voucher! That’s exactly the thing you need!

All you have to do next is get that Safe-conduct from the Captain. Run all the way to the Military Quarters. Save here and knock on the door and the Guard will let you in. But 4 of them will immediately attack you. Try to jump on a height and you may throw something.

Or try this: as soon as the door opens, prepare a Fireball or an Earthquake. Get rid of them four in your least expensive way. Save again and proceed. A Crocodile Guard is posted in front of the Arena doors on the left side. Defeat him with your Sword. Take his Key to the doors.

Before entering Captain Barbahk’s large Arena save once more, because he is quite a Giant and a hostile fellow! Go in and Ali will talk to Barbahk in a pretty arrogant way, which will make him very angry. Did Ali tease him on purpose? We’ll never know.

Run away from the Captain as far as you can and prepare magic for the 3rd Jewel of the yellow Ring. This will paralyze the Captain heavily. Let your Sword finish the job from behind. He won’t even be able to hit you back.

Take the Safe-conduct and leave the Arena. Turn left all the way to the end and smash 2 Jars over there. Then hurry to the Camel Rental Arena.

Show him the free Rent-a-Camel Voucher and he will reluctantly provide you his last Camel. No deposit or Credit Card needed. Finally see the Doorkeeper by the grilled exit door, show him your Safe-conduct and he’ll open the gates to the desert and to... Episode 7!

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