Arabian Nights

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The Black Moon Sect

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Episode 5, The Black Moon Sect

The Apprentice Gardener

A cinematic sequence shows Ali watching a Tasty Fruit on the tree. You are then attacked by a Tiger who is not so hard to defeat with your Sword. Just keep on jumping when he comes near. Some 10 hits do the job.

Jump up to the Tasty Fruit in the tree and take it. Return through the doors and look under the tree. There is a Pear you should pick up and eat it too. So now you have a Pear Pip in your bag.

Go back into the central courtyard and take the Watering Can. Return tot the courtyard with Guards and kill the one that came back from... heaven? New Jars contain 3 Apples, a Bread and a Phial of Magic.

Back in the central courtyard you will notice a climbable ladder in one of the corners. When Ali climbs up he will make an elegant rolling jump. Go into the workshop of the Gardener who explains that he is preparing the Flower of a thousand Scents to grow. You will come in handy here.

Give him the Pear Pip that he asked for. Heíll find it a small one but he will give you a Key for a Chest. You will have to bring his Hoe lying in there.

Take the Phial of Antidote standing on a shelf and leave. Back in the garden Pavilion you will find the Chest, but beware of your first encounter with the bees! Open it with the Key and take the Phial of Magic and the Hoe. Return to the Cactus garden where you will meet the Gardener again. He tells you about a cactus species that may not sting. Once he had grown such a Cactus that he offered to Princess Muscade. Remember that Cactus.

Give him his Hoe, and heíll explain your third mission: go and find him some Flower Petals hidden in a mysterious courtyard.

Into the gardens

Return to the Gardenerís workshop and go all the way to end of the corridor in front of you until you reach a room with a bunch of crates.

Crates lacking side ropes may be moved. Push them in the right order to reveal another door.

The door hidden by the crates


This is the entrance to a new garden section. Once youíve entered here some angry Bees will attack. Youíll hear their buzzing as soon as you smash the Jar containing a Pear on the opposite side, or if you walk to the right.

Get rid of these buggers with your Sword, one by one. Youíll meet more of them later on. In this first section of the gardens youíll have to pick up the Crank placed on the wooden platform and a Bomb in a Jar next to it. Turn right and go all the way up, but once again, watch out for Bees.

Youíll arrive at the first level of a water mechanism. Kill Scorpions in the usual way with a kick of your leg. Should you nevertheless get stung, apply a Phial of Antidote. Take a good look at the colored patterns on the water pipes and copy them on a sheet of paper. Keep on doing that in next levels too.

Observe the pipes and the valves. When the valve is up, water will go through that pipe. When down, no water will pass through. Insert your Crank into the mechanism outlet.

This first mechanism may also open a fence somewhere further on, but thatís for later on. Your first goal is to find the Flower Petals, and they need plenty of water to grow. So youíll have to divert water to the second level of the mechanism and further on.

Now go check the alley left of the valves. Beware of a Scorpion here! Jump on the wall to the left and watch the scenery down here:

Some Cobraís, a fountain and a second level of mechanism is what youíll see. Thatís where the water has to be diverted to. Return to the valves and arrange them in this way:

Let there be water...


Obviously water will now flow to the second level. Remove the Crank. Jump back on the wall and think of how to go down. Down left there is a block you can jump on. You may, however, consider to lay at least one of the Cobraís down from above. With a Knife or some magic Fireball. However, Cobraís  arenít all that hard to defeat with the Sword.

Anyway, better save before going down. Arrange the valves like shown on the next shot:

...and again...


The third level of the mechanism is found in a corner to your left. Jump up, watch out for Bees and arrange the valves as follows:

...and again!


A cinematic sequence will then show three pipes throwing water somewhere in a small pool where a Flower starts growing. Thatís the one youíre after! Always look for Jars to smash before you leave! Thereís a Phial of Life and 4 Knives in them!

In case you do something wrong there is always a way back to the first level of the mechanism upstairs. Return to the Cobra level down there. See that pedestal block in the middle? Thatís movable and you are going to need that block!

When you move it to the right (in the direction of the mechanism) you can jump from there on the rock in the corner and from there pull yourself back up on the wall. When you slide it to the other side you can jump on a ledge.

Jump on that rock


On the opposite side you will have to hang down and fall from the ledge like explained in the introduction. Itís high and youíll need full health when letting loose. So fill up your health, save, and do the trick.

Be sure to be in good health


From here on you canít go back, so better make sure that all of your valves were arranged in the correct way!

Check the fountain down there for a precious Jewel that will allow you to finish the entire game! If you miss this one, forget it! It is the Juwel-magma added to your blue Ring offering Ali a new magic Spell for protection.

Watch the next shot taken from above of how you will have to proceed. Some climbing in sight!

The way to climb


Be aware of Ali-eating Plants! Act fast with your Sword here. Once again, you will have to hang down from the ledge and shimmy left. So keep on pushing that action button and apply the left arrow, until you can pull up safely.

Save once more. Behind the corner to your left two vicious Cobraís are waiting for Ali! Take care of them with a Bomb while jumping backwards. Proceed all the way to the end of the rocky way and look down. Donít jump in yet. A Swamp Monster hides there and is very hard to defeat.

But this is a good way to succeed should you be beaten to death over and over again. Save and jump in, walk slowly towards the Monster until he notices you, then sprint to the opposite wall near to a ledge.  Watch out for more carnivorous plants, they all like a juicy piece of Aliís muscled limbs! Jump on the ledge as fast as you can and pull up.

Save once more.

Wait for the Swamp Monster to approach and aim a Bomb at him, perhaps two and even a couple of Knives. You may get hurt too, so when heís down and out swallow an Apple or a Phial of Life, depending on how much life energy you have lost. You may decide to destroy the plants, but in fact there is little need for that.

Jump down and into the pool where the Rainbow Flower is waiting for you.

The rainbow flower


Now itís time to return to the first level of the mechanism. See all those ledges and beams there by the wall? That is where you will climb up all the way to the platform above to your left.

Jump on the second platform, pull up and line up like on this screenshot:

The correct spot to jump



Run and jump to the ledge in front. Turn left and walk over the beam, but save before you do because you will tumble down quite some times till you learned how to walk correctly.

At the end jump to the platform and youíre out of this trap.

Out of the trap...

Walk until the door and open it. Youíll see the Cobra level down there. Like was explained before: find your way back up the first level of the water mechanism.

Back at the water mechanism


Now it is time to rearrange the valves of level 1 so that the water may flow through the back pipes.

Rearranged valves...

...will get you here

This will open the door whose location you will remember in the first section of the gardens. So go there and enter the passage.

The Sultan's Courtyard

Walk until the end and jump on a higher level to the right but take care of the two giant Rats first. This will lead to an opening above the courtyard of the Sultan. Save and approach the opening. An Archer will start shooting at you from a balcony on the opposite wall of the Palace.

So jump aside or backwards and avoid his blast. Immediately aim a Fireball at him fast. The Fireball builds up slowly. By the time he shoots again the Ball should got thrown away and you have to jump backwards at once before the second one hits you.

Should you get hit first and loose life energy, better start over from the save game. You know exactly where he stands now. After heís gone, save again.

There are two Guards down there and best is to take care of them from your place above. They walk around very fast so itís hard to aim a Knife a Fireball. You must get their attention first. Sometimes if you just wait for a while theyíll notice you. You may also throw something.

They will then run towards the opening and make circles under your feet, but they canít harm you. With a little luck one well-aimed Bomb may kill them both at once. When they notice that youíre preparing an attack, they run away. So try your best option here.

Again do not waist on ammunition if you don?succeed fast. Start all over from the save game. When the coast is clear donít jump or youíll be crushed! Itís too high over there. First take a look at the courtyard. There is a large central fountain with the statue of Sultan still on its pedestal.

Balcony 1 is where the Archer stood, Balcony 2 is to the right, and Balcony 3 on the cornering wall is larger and has a table, chairs and some cabinets. Hang on the edge and drop down; youíll land safe and sound on your feet. Now go exploring the entire courtyard whilst smashing all the Jars you see.

There is a closed door in a corner to your left, and two open entrances under Balcony 3. Check these first: in each of them youíll find a large movable basket. Wonder what would be in there? So pull them out and watch: A rope, rolled up like a snake! Ring a bell?

Try your magic Flute on one, and the rope will erect. Try the other also. Now try moving the baskets again. That wonít work. In fact the length of each rope is different but one rope is long enough to climb and jump on a balcony. Go to the fountain and observe that from there.

It seems like the rope at the right side is taller

The correct spots for the baskets

Play the Flute again and the rope lowers down and rolls up. Also, you can only move each basket within a limited area because of the benches and grilles. You have already understood that Balcony 3 is your main goal. There MUST be something to find there!

So push the basket with the larger rope (right of Balcony 3) in front of Balcony 1.

Push the basket with the shorter rope a little closer to the left side of Balcony 3.

Both baskets should stand before the edges ?a bit away from them ?not underneath.

Save here! Do your tricks with the Flute and start climbing the rope in front of Balcony 1. Jump off sideward to the balcony. That door is closed. Do a running jump to Balcony 2 and grab and pull up. There is nothing there either.

Look at the ledge with the birdcage in front of you.

It sure is a kind of narrow up here

On top is a roof edge. Save and jump to the narrow ledge. Jump up and grab the edge. Shimmy right until above Balcony 3, and let go. Take the Cactus and the Passport from the table.

Save again, because this part is tricky. I got it correct on the second time and then those save games were handy.

You may have to move the basket closer of farther from the edge, and then return all the way. Itís trial and error and perhaps it may work from the first time! Position Ali well away from the edge where the smaller rope is standing and align with it.

Now jump over the fence and press action immediately. You should grab the rope. Glide down safely and leave the ropes for what they are. Run to the right door. Before the entrance look left for a button to activating the door.

Great view again...

The Plant of a Thousand Scents

Go through the door to the central courtyard and all the way into the Gardenerís workshop. Read the Parchment again and take notes on a sheet of paper. Go stand on the small pedestal in front of the pot and you may select numbers of 5 kinds of Seeds with your left/right and up/down arrows. Solve the riddle on the numbers on your paper; it is not that hard. These are the numbers of Seeds you need:

Jujube: 8

Jasmine: 4

Patchouli: 4

Rose: 3

Pear Pips: 2

Press action to water the seeds with your Water Can and the Plant starts growing into a wonderful Flower. Take the Flower of a thousand Scents and leave the central courtyard through the door you first came in almost a century ago.

The Bouquet of the Five Senses

By now you have collected all five requested constituents of the Bouquet for the Princess:

- the Tasty Fruit (taste)
- the Singing Reed (hear)
- the Rainbow Flower (see)
- the Cactus that does not Sting (feel)
- the Flower of a thousand Scents (smell)

When you touch the door a cinematic sequence starts with Ali's return to the bench with Princess Spiruline. He will offer her the complete Bouquet of the five Senses and in return for this breathtaking expedition she kisses him and vanishes to the Palace, free as a bird.

Returning to the City

The sequence continues and Ali returns to the first place in Akhaba where the Guard was blocking the entrance to folks without a valid Passport. But Ali HAS a Passport now. The Guard explains how the Sect of the Black Moon has infiltrated everywhere and that Ali has to go see someone in the city. He orders the Doorkeeper to open the gate and our hero enters a familiar alley... This is where Episode 3 began!

Go down and before proceeding take a good look around. Read the tablet next to the staircase once again. The door is closed. Opposite to the staircase thereís another staircase between two walls leading down to a closed door. This was the door where Ali entered this alley after his meeting with the Genie.

Jump to the platform on the left and climb the wall. Jump the gap between both walls diagonally from corner to corner. Now look down and what do you see? A Beggar with a Knife hiding in a corner and obviously waiting for Ali with all but friendly intentions!

Look down the alley. There is a staircase on the left opposite to an elevated platform with some Jars. From here the alley narrows ending somewhat further on. Walk to the corner and jump down out of sight.

Save and proceed slowly. When you pass the Beggar two more will appear at the far end of the alley ?one with a Knife and a legless one on a wheelchair ?and start running towards you. You make no chance to survive against 3 of them!

So this is what youíd better do:

Pass the Beggar and turn left facing him. When he notices you let him come near and give him a few kicks. Now start running, jump over the other two and jump to the platform as fast as you can. This is called: timing.

If you should start running at once, the two Beggars and Ali will meet in front of the platform! Forget about jumping: youíre gone in no time. All three of them will then start running in circles beneath you, but they canít harm you, except for some Bombs of the wheelchair guy. So watch them. Save again.

Take place in the front corner to your right, facing the staircase. Now aim a Bomb and keep waiting until all three are close together. Then launch the Bomb and with some luck all three are sent to Beggarís Heaven! Smash the Jars for Gold Coins and pick up all the goodies of the Beggars. Walk up the staircase and open the door.

Inside the City

You will enter a new part of the City. Once again, you may decide to kill all folks you meet on the streets. I would if I were you. You are going to need all the Gold in the world. Wait and see!

Just like before, these citizens are really tough guys. So youíd better save each time before attempting an attack. Groups of three should be bombed. Sneak towards others from behind and strike with your Sword.

Jump back and run away. Let him approach and strike again. Always make sure to take their Gold. When all are finished off, start climbing the entire area because there are a lot of treasures to be gathered. Some Jars contain up to 100 Gold Coins! And donít give up easily; spend some time up there! The view is great!

After you found everything go down to the fountain square. There are two ways in and you should try out both of them.

The Master's Cave


Beside the elegant fountain you will notice an arcade, a number of folks and a Drummer. The door pointed by the blue arrow on the shot is the access to the cave of the Master of Arms.

First wipe out the entire place for precious Gold?ll, but the Drummer! Save and try the Drummer. See what happens? Smash all Jars and climb the fountain all the way to the top. Perhaps you may find some Gold Coins? And now time has come for Ali to perfect his fighting skills by challenging the great Master of Arms!

The Back Streets of the City (1)

You are bound to fight the toughest adversary in the entire game: a ďBoss?with a Life meter of his own. But he is not an enemy or a foe but a highly skilled and noble Master of Arms. Before even thinking of challenging him, make sure to gather plenty of Phials of Live and Apples, and some Bread as well.

Nothing but your Limbs or Sword may defeat the Master. He is completely immune for Magic, Bombs or Knives. So go look for a Merchant in the back streets of the City. Save. Go through the blue door to the right of the Drummer and wheelchair Beggars will immediately attack you.

Lure them out and sprint away. Let one approach and keep on kicking him with your legs. Do not use your Sword. They have iron hands to deflect your strokes. If he hits you, jump over him and sprint away. Itís a good idea to save each time you got away after a few successful kicks.

Inside youíll meet more of these Beggars, so get your feet ready. When all are smashed down, save. Enter the Merchantís room and purchase all you need. Keep a decent amount in your pocket though. Never spend it all! Now return to the fountain square and enter the other door.

The Master of Arms

In this huge square cave the Master of Arms stands waiting for Ali on a central wooden platform. Observe the dark surroundings from the top of the stairs. Slowly descend and approach the Master until you stand face to face.

He is a teacher of martial arts and whilst in combat with him you will learn how to perfect your own techniques. If you defeat him, youíll receive a mighty gift from his. If you loose, face death.

However, you may quit at any time, just walk up the stairs and leave. Will you accept? Say yes or no. If you say no, the Master will relieve you and you may still proceed with the game. But later enemies will get more and more tough, so I would advice you to accept. Prepare for a long and exhausting battle!

You will have to learn how to apply a combination of sprinting, saving, health restoring and Sword fighting. The Masterís properties are: strength, size, weight. And his Sword is heavily oversized. But he has one weakness: he runs very slowly.

Hence, that is where you have to focus on! Ali is very fast, lightweight and acrobatic. Strength by speed, always remember that. These are the tactics. Make sure to start the combat with full health.

Sprint away to a spot near a corner and wait for the Master to arrive. Learn to be the first in striking and keep on striking until he takes over. Then youíll have to jump away. Try to push him into the corner where he is much weaker.

His blue life meter in the right corner of the screen will drop very slowly. When he hits you, jump back and sprint away as far as you can. Check your life meter. If it needs gas, fill it up: youíll have plenty of time.

Itís a good idea to keep the selection in your inventory on Phials of Life, or on Apples. If little Life energy was spent, (quick) save too. But only from a safe distance! Youíll have to keep on repeating these tactics perhaps 20 times or more.

By all means avoid running out of Life Phials, Apples and Bread! You will need plenty of those! This happened to me the first time. When I nearly got him down I ate my last Bread. Very frustrating after half an hour of combat!

That is where the save game by the Merchant comes in handy. Now you know you may have to purchase more of these goodies! Moreover in your next combat you will be far more experienced. I succeeded the second time with half as much Phials spent.

The Master of Arms and Ali will then stand face to face again on the platform. The Master congratulates Ali who then receives a mighty gift out of his hands: a beautiful and powerful new Sword. Say thanks to the Master of Arms and leave the cave for the fountain square. Then save.

The Back Streets of the City (2)

Return to the back streets of the City where you will meet Beggars everywhere. Better clean up the entire place first. Explore all corners and you will find different locations where you may purchase useful items for your inventory. Before you do save first, because afterwards you may regret your selection. So choose carefully, there is no general rule for that!

Look for an entrance to a courtyard with a door Guard and a Guide, like the one before in front of the Mosque.

The guard in front of the door


Pay the Guide and he will explain you how to find red-haired Irma with Delilah whom you may have met already before. Go outside and notice Delilah, leaning against a wall behind the corner. Now save and approach her.

Hi handsome!


Sheíll explain you how red Irma has just left to meet with the Guard of the watchtower, but she has forgotten her mirror. Would Ali please be so sweet and kind to bring it to Irma? Immediately start sprinting now towards the tower ?if you know the way by heart, that is.

If you are too late Irma will have already joined the Drummer. Start sprinting to the Drummer. Too late! No, you wonít succeed this way at all because you have to know all the routes by heart.

So start all over from your save game, and before speaking with Delilah explore the streets again and memorize the shortest route to the watchtower. Practice a few times running and sprinting until you know the entire route by heart. NOW youíre ready for red Irma and I mean... just sprinting!

Is she...? Is she... coming after you!?!?


Hand over Irmaís mirror and sheíll tell you to go meet the Drummer. Heíll guide you through a safe passage out of here. Remember that you had seen a Phial on top the tower while you were walking the higher parts of the City of Akhaba? But you couldnít get it?

So climb the tower ladder first and take the Phial now. Enjoy the views and relax for a while. Come down and smash the Jar in the corner. Now go meet the Drummer.

Mister drummer


Knowing that Irma is on his way the Drummer will be so benevolent to guide you into... Episode 6!

(In fact, he just wants you away from here)

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