Arabian Nights

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 Melissa's Letter

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The Sacred Tombs

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 Mysteries at the Palace

Episode 4

 The City of Akhaba

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The Black Moon Sect

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The Magic Cave

Episode 7

The Great Fortress

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Episode 7, The Great Fortress

It all starts with a cinematic sequence where Ali arrives on his Camel in the desert at a sealed cave in a rock formation. A large spherical rock blocks the entrance. Ali gets down from his Camel and formulates a magic sentence. Now the rock rolls into the passage. You will meet that rock later on again.

Ali enters another very complicated labyrinth and this time with two floors. New kinds of Guards are introduced here: some sort of Aboriginals. Proceed and when the passage bends to your left jump over the three Rats so you wonít have to bother with them.

There are a number of gaps to jump. The first one is too wide, Ali will crash if he does. Jump to a ledge on the left and from there to the other side. Youíll arrive at an elevated opening into a gigantic cave.

Beware! There are 2 Archers up on the rocks and one down on the floor. Keep left and jump to the ledge below and then jump down. Keep close to the rock so that only one Archer will be able to see you. When he shoots, youíll see where he is standing.

Jump aside before his Arrow hits you, and build up magic for a red Fireball. He will shed Gold Coins and a Knife. The 2nd Archer up high is further away. Repeat.

Finally go chase the 3rd one below and cut him into pieces before he hits you. Those guys run very fast so aim your strokes well. Look at the spot where the 1rst Archer stood. There are ledges to climb leading to another passage high up. Donít go up there yet. There are other businesses to take care of first.

Climb over the far edge into a new passage and when it splits up, go to your right and soon you will reach another wide gap that you need to cross with a running jump. Grab the edge and pull up.

As such you will have avoided a combat with a Guard and an Archer who were right behind Ali. On the left wall you will soon notice two ledges that lead to the 2nd floor. Do not run any further because the passage will soon come to an end. Jump to the ledges instead.

Map of the second floor


On the map youíll notice 3 double circles. These are openings to the first floor and the arrows point to the spots where youíll end up. The map is somewhat similar. Basically youíll just have to explore all of the passages following the map and kill every Guard an Archer first. Take all Coins and Knives they leave behind.

The Guards are really hard to defeat, and often they come in packs of two or three, either accompanied with an Archer or not. The only message here is: SAVE before any assault!

There are two chambers of importance that you will then have to visit. Go down into the room loaded with Phials of Life and Magic. Then leave all the way for the Treasure hall. Climb the two ledges and observe the hall from the 2nd ledge. Save. You will see a very mighty Sorcerer that is the Head of the Guards and Archers.

This one is another extremely tough guy to defeat, somewhat like the Guru in the previous Episode. Except, this one has 2 very annoying magic spells:

-         he launches lightnings that will poison Ali

-         he can reverse your controls! That means: left becomes right, and forward becomes backward and vv.

Climb up and run to the Guard and let him feel your Sword. Or you may use magic or 2 Knives from your position if you like to play it safe. When heís gone, try to get near the Sorcerer and hit him repeatedly. Itís possible to crush him as such, but it will cost you quite some Phials of Antidote and of Life.

Another method is to lure him and let him follow you till the edge in front of the second ledge where he canít reach you while youíre standing below on the ledge. From there throw 7 till 8 Knives to the Sorcerer and heís definitely down and out. That is, should you have an abundance of Knives. And that depends on the quantity you purchased from the Merchant and took from the Guards.

In any case, always make sure you keep at least 5 Knives in your inventory! Take the Jewel that the Sorcerer left. Examine every corner in the area of the Treasure chests and you will stumble on an abundance of Gold Coins!

Leaving the Labyrinth

Set out all the way to the Archerís Room and jump left or right past the rock that is jamming your way. Thatís the rock from the entrance that rolled down over there. Youíve been in this cave before. This time climb the ledges and follow the passage till the gap.

Jump to a ledge to your left and from there to the opposite side and proceed till the edge where you will see a huge lake of green slime. Once again, Ali will have to jump from block to block until heíll reaches the opposite side. But here the jumping is not that easy at all.

Save after each successful jump. Your first jump is to the tall block in front of Ali. Flip backward 3 times. Then take a running jump and press action. Ali will grab and hold the edge of the block if he makes a twist while in the air. Just make sure to jump exactly from the edge.

If not, he will fall in the gunk and will be solved. From there jump to 6 more blocks and finally to a long flat block. Walk all the way to the edge. See those 3 blocks before you? As soon as youíve pulled up to the first one it will immediately lower down, and so will the next two.

Act fast here. Pull up, go one step forward and jump to the 2nd block and then to the 3rd. From there jump to the double block and save at once. A gigantic Dragon-like Monster will emerge from the lagoon of green substance but will somehow hesitate to attack Ali.

Take advantage of these few moments to aim a Knife at him with full power (see the arm pulling muscles). 3 more Knives in a row will destroy the Monster. Jump to 2 more blocks and then down to another flat block. This last jump downhill may sometimes heavily cost on health, so make sure your health meter is bursting before any attempt.

Two more blocks are now between Ali and a new passage high up in front. Follow this way. There are 6 higher levels to jump on, and then 2 gaps to cross and again 3 higher levels till you reach another large cave. Jump down and a cinematic sequence will give Ali an idea about the horrible Medusa who is guarding the last of the 5 Princesses held prisoner in chains!

Mister nice guy...


The Medusa with a head full of poisonous snakes will continuously shoot Arrows at Ali, so youíd better approach by running from post to post and hiding from her Arrows. However if you would come too near and look at her, something glows up in her eyes and you will be petrified at once!

Set up magic for the 3rd Jewel of the blue Ring for full protection and run towards the Medusa. Ali is now immune for her petrifying looks, but not against her Arrows or her Snakehead! Keep striking incessantly with your Sword but watch out for venomous Snake bits. When the Medusa has become Mythology once again, take a few Coins and go kiss and release the Princess.

Returning to the Palace

It all goes very fast in a cinematic sequence now. Ali is seeing a Merchant. Purchase wisely, and look for plenty of Knives. Then youíll witness the fountain room in the Sultanís Palace in a shape of destruction.

Subsequently the camera goes up into the Sultanís quarters where everyone has disappeared but the Vizier himself. The whole place is terribly messed up and the Vizier is pretending that the Sect of the Black Moon is guilty for the looting and burning.

The Vizier wants to get rid of Ali too and he has obviously obtained a number of evil spells. He is at present a powerful Black Sorcerer! Prepare once more for a very hard struggle.

He blasts a number of magic spells with all different results:

-         forcing Ali to move in slow motion

-         turning the room dazzling light

-         launching lightnings

-         disappearing and materializing elsewhere... you name it!

Protect Ali by the 3rd Jewel of the blue Ring and launch Fire bolts and Knives from a secure distance.  Avoid his lightning by jumping sideward. When youíve finally got the Vizier where he belongs, take his Parrot Seeds.

Leave the Sultanís chamber and turn to your right into the passage. Make sure your magic meter is fully loaded. Walk forward until youíll notice a Lizard Guard behind the corner. Lure the Lizard as follows:

Turn around and take one step back at a time. As soon as you hear the Lizard growling run forward and let him follow you. Turn right and sprint till the opposite entrance where you must immediately prepare a red Fireball. Wait until he comes out and launch the Ball.

The Lizard will be paralyzed for a few seconds. Enough time to launch a second Fireball. Run towards him and strike him twice with your Sword. Sprint into the Sultanís chamber where he will follow you in his own slow pace. Two Knives will finish the job. Take his Key and a number of Gold Coins. Enter the opposite passage. A the far end you will notice a Guard being posted.

Map of the first floor


Let the Guard approach you and... turn this into his last move. Take the Apple and proceed to the room with a small staircase. Open the door and youíll glimpse a Guard hiding behind the door. Walk forward until he notices you and then flip backward twice. You can easily beat him in the chamber. Take his Apple.

Follow the hallway into the room with 3 doors. Left to the entrance is another Lizard waiting. Step into the room and let him follow you back into the hallway. Turn around and blast 2 Fireballs just like with the previous one. 2 strokes with the Sword and 2 more Knives and heís all set for Texan boots.

Finish off 2 more Guards, and return to the staircase to your left. Go all the way up, butcher the Guard and once more enter the Office of the Vizier. Push the bookcase and go into a new room with a Skeleton, a fireplace and a Parrot cage. Kick the Skeleton and a new Jewel is yours.

Walk to the Parrot and feed it with the Vizierís Seeds. A very nice cinematic sequence shows then a rug turning into a flying carpet. Ali takes place on it and goes on flying through the night into... the Fortress of the Black Moon.

The Grand Fortress

Ali enters a staircase Hall that will give access to the passage of the Fortress of the Black Moon Sect. This Section is linear, so just follow the plan.

 A map of The Fortress of The Black Moon Sect

Priests throw Knives and Guards are armored. Youíve met them before, so beware of their fanatic hostility. Some of them leave a Key when they kiss earth goodbye which will allow you to proceed through further locked doors.

Go down the stairs and enter the door on the first floor. Behind the corner to your right is a first Priest. Run towards him while jumping and avoiding his Knives. Put him to sleep with your Sword.

Follow the passage to the left and get rid of a 2nd Priest. There is a door to your right which you may or may not enter. If you do, youíll have to fight a Guard without much reward beside a few Gold Coins.

Pass through the next door and bolt the Guard from the blue. When his tin can is ready for recycling take his Key. Then definitely save! Behind the new door is a large Hall in the shape of a half moon with 4 Guards and 2 Priests, and youíll just have to slay them all.

 If you should run into the Hall, the door will seal behind Ali and they all will assault together. There wonít be any time to prepare magic for an earthquake or anything else, since Ali will be cut to pieces at once! In fact youíll have to lure them out one by one and come to blows outside when the door is blocked.

See that slumbering Guard in front of you? Aim a Knife at him ?perhaps 2 ?and heíll come running out towards you. Make him say hello for the last time. Then, apply magic for the 3rd Jewel of the blue Ring and save. Walk in again and let some goons notice you, but watch the door.

Run back into the antechamber and wait for them to arrive. Ali is pretty much invulnerable now, so strike like hell, and thatís where youíre ought to send them. You may as well enter the Hall now since no one will become aware of you.

Watch for the spots on the floor. Save and walk over such a spot. Oh boy!?li gets speared! Sneak towards a thug and strike. Then mash him in close combat. The last Guard to your right is carrying a Key giving access to the 2nd door.

Enter and a cinematic sequence will join Ali once again with the Gardener of the Sultan. Except now his real name is exposed: Hussain Rachid, the older brother of the Sultan. He tells an unbelievable story of a Lamp and a Genie that was stolen by his brother to make his wish come true: becoming the Sultan of Akhaba!

And now Hussain claims the throne! And whatís more: he appears to be the real Guru of the Black Moon Sect! Youíll notice an abundance of Jars in there. Instead of containing plenty of goodies, theyíll soon will try to cause Aliís death.

From the moment youíre back in control save at once! See what happens. The Jars are lifted in the air and one by one theyíre smashed into pieces on top of Ali!  No way to escape, because the 2nd door is locked as well. So this is what you should do.

Run to the 2nd door with the Christmas lights. Only 1 Jar will smack you here. Fill up your Health and Magic and protect Ali with the ?3rd Jewel of the blue Ring once more. Walk back into the Hall and just stand still when all of the Jars come down on Ali.

Heís as good as immune for their attacks now! When the spell has spent its force, run back to the door and repeat allover. Once the last Jar has cracked on Ali the 2nd door will be unlocked and youíll be able to leave the Hall.

Wipe out the passage from all goons and enter the Tile puzzle room. There youíll find a variation on an all time favorite with 8 tiles on a board of 9 that have to be shuffled into a certain figure.

This puzzle figure is once again a half moon. Stand on a Tile, jump up and it will move towards the adjacent empty spot. There is no particular way to arrange the Tiles, so try it out in your own way. When youíve got the puzzle solved, part of the floor will slide away and the Key to the exit door will be yours.

The Final Battle

Open the door and aim 2 Knives at the Guard. If you have plenty of Knives, just turn him further into a strainer. If not, let your Sword do the job. Take 2 Knives and a Key.

Go through the door and now thereís a passage in between two elevated sections behind a fancy fence. A Guard with Shield is standing in front of the door. Aim 3 knives at him and heíll be pretty much weakened. Youíll know what to choose from. Take 3 knives and a Key.

You may explore the elevated levels, but there wonít be anything found. The next 2 Priests are peanuts to destroy and the 2nd carries a Key for the door to the Arena. Fill up your Health and Magic and go inside. A cinematic sequence will start.

The Sultanís brother Hussain calls the Moon and welcomes Ali: Apprentice! You shall again witness the rebirth of the Black Moon at the end of which ceremony you will be sacrificed!

The Gardener has turned into an evil Sorcerer and will start spinning and striking Ali. Save now. Quickly apply magic to the 3rd Jewel of the blue Ring. Look up and turn around until you see him floating high near a wall in the Arena.

Let him come spiraling down and give him a stroke with your Sword before he even touches Ali. Heíll be hurt and flutter back to another lofty position. Immediately load you magic and save.

Now Hussain will start throwing razor-sharp rotary discs at Ali that wonít hurt him thanks to the force field of the Ring. If not protected, Ali would have given up the ghost after a few such frisbees.

Always wait on this spinning lunatic to hover down and then strike again. Make sure you refresh Aliís protection field before its force has run out! Youíll just have to repeat these tactics. 10 such strokes will launch this whirling creep till his beloved Moon!

And thatís the ending of the Black Moon Sect. A podium will rise now in the center of the Arena. Walk up to one of the ramps and jump on it. Go stand upon the Teleport in the middle and Ali will be transported to a dark and obscure dungeon where a voice is begging to be set free. Thatís the Sultan of Akhaba who was captured by his sick brother.

Walk towards the basket. You know what to do here. Take out your magic Flute and charm the rope. Climb up to the second floor and push the wheel. A final cinematic sequence shows how a cage is coming down holding the Sultan as a prisoner.

Ali releases the Sultan who will offer him a Harem of his 5 daughters as lawful spouses and a fine job at the Court as the new Grand Vizier. The Sultanís last request is a kiss from Ali. Come on, you can do it, he says. So be done, and the Sultan gets transported straight to the Palace. Whereas Ali is admiring the dances of his 5 new wives!

Congratulations! You have just successfully completed the beautiful Fairytale of the...Arabian Nights !

The End...