Arabian Nights

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 Melissa's Letter

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The Sacred Tombs

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 Mysteries at the Palace

Episode 4

 The City of Akhaba

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The Black Moon Sect

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The Magic Cave

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The Great Fortress

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Episode 3, Mysteries at the Palace


The City of Akhaba

After the Genie has told you we will meet again  a cinematic sequence will lead you through 2 doors, where you will arrive in the City of Akhaba by night.

You will be immediately attacked by 3 legless wheelchair Beggars.

Under attack...

So jump over them and run towards the other end of the Alley (near the left staircase) and jump on the right ledge. From there you may launch a Bomb or a Fireball when theyíre close together. Try to make your timing well, so that you may save on ammunition.

Once down, they shed several Bombs and the Smugglerís Parchment, in which you will be explained how to enter the Sultanís Palace. That will cost you a lot of Gold Coins later on, so be prepared to collect as many as possible.

When you read the Tablet on the wall it says that the gate to the City is closed at night. Then climb those other stairs and throw something to the opposite window (e.g. your empty Phial, which is better than a Knife). Now jump into the window.

The room with the Levers

A cinematic sequence will show how the Captain of Guards will send two of his men to kill you. So stand behind and prepare a Fireball when they both arrive.

Be careful here...

Save here. Proceed into the passage, and when the Captain sees you, turn around and run back as fast as you can. Launch a Bomb or two, or a Fireball and youíll get him down easily.

Now you can enter the Room with the Levers which serve to open the City Gate! From left to right youíll have to push the levers in the sequence 2,3,1.

That shouldn't be to hard now...

Now the mechanism is activated by which the City Gate will lower down.

A rather greedy Smuggler

Once youíre in the City take care of the Soldiers and get through the door. Then, proceed right and up to a ledge.

The correct way...

Go through a door and descend the stairs until you will arrive at a small courtyard with a door and a window. Strike the window 3 times (like was explained in the Smugglerís Parchment).

Damn hidden passages...

The Smuggler will now open the window and start negotiations of how much money he wants to allow you an access to the Palace!

A cinematic sequence will show that discussion, and finally you both will come to an agreement: 1,731 Gold Pieces! Wow, thatís a lot of money! So, now youíll have find that amount or itís Game Over!

So from now on you are going to smash all jars and kill everyone in the streets for their money!

Start with the jar in the corner and take the Coins. When you return into the streets, be careful, because there  are archers hidden from above. Better take care of them with your Knives.

Better be careful again...

You will now have to go up to higher places and find some goodies like a Phial of Life and a Phial of Magic. Watch out for Scorpions though!

... and again!!!

The correct way again

And then itís about time to enter the courtyard of the big Mosque !

Proceed along the door under the 3 arches

The three arches

Walk up the stairs and go to the right where all the blocks are. Jump over the blocks until you see a button.

The hard to find switch

You will have to move a box aside in order to have enough time to run through the door on the top of the stairs.

It's all just a matter of time...

Push the button, turn around and sprint up to the stairs before the door locks. This is a time mechanism.

Once through the door, youíre in the Plaza with the Mosque. Things are becoming tense now.

The Mosque

You will notice two Priests in front of the huge Mosque. They carry  the Keys to the entrance door. But as soon as you approach or hit them, they will start running around.

Observe their paths carefully and go stand on a spot on one of these paths. As soon as one arrives, smash him down. This may take a few times though. When you have the two Keys, enter the Mosque.

Inside, drink from the Fountain to observe a cinematic sequence of the new Princess performing a kind of belly dance.

Some kind of magic fountain 

One of the pillars has a switch, look very carefully for that, itís near a corner.

The hard to find switch

Push this button and a door to a secret Room opens up. Here you will find your main Ring: the Blue Ring! This one is for protection. It will defend you while under attack! Later in the game two extra Jewels will even add to its power. So make sure you find this Ring, or you wonít be able to finish the Game!! And that would be a Shame!

Proceed to the second Room and find some Gold Coins. As for now, there isnít much to do, you will return here later on. So leave the Mosque and  face the opposite door.

In search for Gold

Enter the door.

The correct directions

At the end of the Passage is a block youíll have to move aside. Behind youíll find 150 Gold Coins.

Lots of gold!!!

Up the Roof

Return through the Door you came in and follow the Alley left of the Mosque.

The correct direction again...

Run and jump : you will find another 120 Gold coins. From here on you may also enter the roof of the Mosque itself.

...and again...

...and again!

Youíll get 87 Gold Coins there in a Jar. But be careful! Many other Jars contain a Scorpion! Now jump over the gap, but save first. Go further till you see a trap door in the floor. Open it with the wall switch.

Look down and watch a bunch of angry Scorpions. Throw down a bomb and jump sidewards. Once all the Scorpions are sent to Kingdom Come, jump into the pit and gather altogether 1163 Gold Coins!

Be careful here...

The bomb...

Climb out of the pit, turn left, and run along the sidewall.

All the way to the arrow, uhhh...  jar

Donít jump down where the Jars are but follow the sidewalk up to the Jar pointed by the arrow. Smash the Jar to get an important Key...

Return to the lower level with the 3 other Jars.

The jars with lots of gold

Here you will get 20 more Gold coins. So now you may jump down. Finally check your amount of Gold coins in your Inventory. Sufficient? If not, try all over again, Ďcause youíve missed some Coins. Otherwise,  itís time to return all the way to the Smuggler!

Back to the Smuggler's Window

Hit the window 3 times again and the Smuggler will accept  your amount of Coins. Then he opens the left door and you may walk in, a secret passage to the entrance to the Palace!

Watch out for Scorpions and at the end pull up. Now you'll see the entrance. And this is where the fun starts!

The Palace Courtyard

When youíre up, turn left and look for Jars on ledges. They contain many Knives which you are going to need pretty soon.

There also 8 Archers spread allover the second floor who wonít notice you as long as you donít menace the Lizard Captain who is guarding the Palace entrance.

This one might be handy!

Spot these 8 guys and knife them one by one. They all shed Gold Coins. Gather all that fall down. Now walk up to the Entrance and jump on the left or right ledge. The Lizard is sleeping so he wonít notice you either.

Launch 2 Bombs in a row at him and heís gone. Take his Key to the doors. But before entering the Palace go left and right and jump on the ledges there to find some goodies.

Entering the Palace

Walk straight to the huge stairs but do not harm the Guards. Save first. If you do kill them, you wonít be able to enter the Sultanís Quarters,  so itís Game Over.

Just walk slowly to the 2 Guards and they will let you in. A cinematic sequence will explain how you will have to free the 5 daughters of the Sultan and will also reveal the true nature of the Grand Vizier: a vicious character!

Return through the doors and jump on the top of the central fountain to collect some Gold Coins.

And what about this one!?!?

Exploring the Passages 

Go down again and take the first passage to the right. You will enter an execution  room. Jump on the execution block and drop down in the hole. A cinematic sequence will follow.

The droppin' down zone

You will learn how Kasim, an Assassin of the Black Moon Sect, has kidnapped one of the Princesses, whereas the other butcher is going to execute her tomorrow. Run back into the Fountain Room where Kasim is already waiting for you.

Heís a real tough and fast moving guy! So save before you enter. Youíll have to use all of your skills to get him down. Take his Key which will open another part of the Palace.

To the Quarters of the Princesses

Downstairs go now into the right passage. Be prepared for VERY fierce combat!

You are about  to face the Eunuchs who guard the Princess Harem! And the Eunuchs Ė despite of what they are missing Ė are extremely tough adversaries, fanatics as they are! No ďrealĒ men (like yourself) are allowed there! That is what they keep on shouting with their false voices!

So first get rid of all the Eunuchs. The Sword is your best weapon here. Each time youíll see one, better save before.

Another handy map...

Walk around in this compound and notice that there are several switches on the floor that open grilled doors with a time mechanism.

Your goal is now to arrive at the next compound. Not easy! So look at the map and start sprinting following the blue line. And I mean SPRINTING! Youíll have to step on the floor switches too, so be cool!

Once youíre in the second compound, youíll have to take care again of a number of Eunuchs. Here are pools with crocs, so watch out!

And another one

So once youíll start sprinting, youíll also have to jump over the pools! When you finally arrive at the Princess Quarters save as fast as you can because the Grand Eunuch is there! This is a very tough guy!

Once heís down go and meet the Princesses in their Quarters. Cinematic sequences will show all of them. In one of the Quarters you will find a Parchment explaining how to rescue Princess Muscade.

So now return to the Fountain Room.

The second floor

Go back up the stairs before the Sultanís doors and turn left into the passage. At the end of the passage youíll arrive in a room with 3 doors. Take care of the Jars for goodies.

Open the door to the Genieís Room. Talk to the Genie, he will propose you a challenge and if you accept  you must then smoke a water pipe with marihuana or something like that. Things will turn very blurry now.

Fight all the floating Genie heads with your Sword. They all follow a steady path, so save first before smoking the pipe and observe their path. If you smash them all before time runs out, the Grand Genie will give you your final Ring.

Return from the Room with 3 doors and back in the passage find a door to your left. Go up the stairs until you will meet another Lizard Creature. The only way to defeat this one is to apply you latest Ring, the White one. This will weaken him considerable, so you can easily cut him up into the hell where he belongs .

Then go through the door into the office of the Grand Vizier.

Move it...

Youíll find a Parchment and some Phials of Magic behind this Tablet! Go out of the office and run all along the passage where you must take the first door to your right.

This is a Room with 5 Drums and a sealed Flute. The latest Parchment explains you the right sequence of how to play the Drums in order to get the magic Flute. Itís a riddle though, but try to find the sequence, and if it fails, then here is the solution:

Let's have some good music

Then the force field protecting the Flute is broken and you may finally take the Flute. You will need that one!

Back to the Execution Room

No return into the right passage down in the Fountain Room where heads of villains are being chopped off. Find a Rope on the floor near the left wall when you enter.

Select your Flute and press enter, so you will start playing the Flute and the Rope will erect like a Fakirís Snake! Climb that rope.

The rope

An Archer is threatening you, so get rid of him and take his Key. Now return to the Drum Room.

Look for a painting with a bird. The Parchment of the Princess Quarters tells you how to aim a knife at the birdís eye, so throw a knife into itís eye.

Another way to open a door

This will open a grilled door to the right where you may enter a secret passage with your new Key.

Princess Muscade

You will meet the next Princess while sheís under a forced dancing spell. Youíll have to imitate her dance, when she tells you the right instructions in foreign words. In case you donít get them, here they are again, and press the right buttons, itís fun:

Kachak: right

Odisso: left

Jajadoo: forward

Kindoul: backward

Soumzi: action

Amala: jump

Then the Princess and yourself will be transported to the Sultanís Quarters. Time for Episode 4!

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